The Funeral
Weasel Town 1


July 11, 2012

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Weasel Town



Characters Featured:

Dipster, Hunches, Sean (dead), Sean's parents

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The Funeral is the premeire episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Weasel Town. It was uploaded on July 11th, 2012.

Breif Synopsis: Dipster and Haunches' friend Sean had just died, but Dipster refuses to go to the funeral and will do anything to get out of it.


Dipster asks Haunches on why Haunches is upset. Haunches tells Dipster that their friend Sean has died, but Dipster doesn't seem to believe in Haunches until he says that he is serious. Dipster starts complain and breaks the furniture. Haunches tries to calm him down and plans on not going to his funeral because it will be boring. Haunches thinks that Dipster doesn't care about his friend. Dipster didn't want Sean to die so he won't have to his funeral. Haunches then said he was a robot instead of human. He then has a plan to act his normal life in the funeral.

Later, Haunches quickly comes to the house and says to Dipster while he's wearing a sweater that is too small on him saying that Sean's body has been taken away from the morgue. Dipster thought that it was not that big of a deal and Haunches thought Dipster took away the body. Dipster says he didn't do anything with the body and persuaded Haunches that it was his idea. Haunches said that he didn't have anything to do with it and his parents are going through a living hell. Meanwhile, Dipster shows Haunches his suit that looks like a robot; was built from scratch; and has surround sound, blu-ray, AO2 WiFi connection, and a weber grill. Haunches then thinks Dipster knows how to build a robot, but Dipster told him it was a suit he is wearing to the funeral. The reason why Dipster made is so he always slips into bigger sweaters everday in which people think it makes him look fat. In the suit, he can take off the sweaters, jump in and cruise through the boring funeral while lying around playing Modern Warfare 3.

At the funeral, the parents of Sean thanked Haunches and Dipster for finding the dead body and tried to move on. Haunches told the parents to not mention it and that Dipster just needs sometime to breathe. In the suit, Dipster is playing Modern Warfare 3 while having barbecue. When the parents went to Sean's coffin, they were pleased to see his body. It turns out that their son, Sean, doesn't look like a gross zombie because of his death- he's always looked like that.


The episode recieved very mixed reviews. While it has more likes then dislikes the number of dislikes are large. It is so far the second most hated show made on the channel, the most hated being Pubertina. It would seem that a lot of hate is coming from the fact that people don't care about any other series other then Oishi High School Battle and people who find the series to have a lack of humor. Yet it does manage to have a small fan base.

Shut Up! Opening

(Construction noise) SHUT UP! Cartoons Bra.


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