The Final Finale is the twentieth installment for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Life's A Zoo.

Plot (sort of)

Chi Chi wakes up from her coma, but with no memory. Because of this, Bobbie made her watch all of season 1 while Ray and Jake have a game of rock paper scisors to decide who goes with Chi Chi in the finals. Jake won (although he can only do rock, he manipulates Ray to think otherwise). The other contestants came back into the show to vote who wins the mansion. Chi Chi comes back with half of her memory. Bobbie then showed a clip of the extincted characters of what their life was after leaving the show. Morreski got more jobs, Dr. D going back the way he was, Minu living life to the fullest, Rico being a host of a celeberty dance show, and Ray of what he was doing for the past five minutes. Bobbie then allowed the nomenies to say something to the jury on why they should vote for them. Chi Chi said words of wisdom (to which only Morreski understood) and jake made a video to why they should vote for him. Video transcript= Jake Oswalt, Therempasist, social light, table tennis champion 2003, but who is the legend behind the legend, and what is the legend of this legend's behind. (shows Morreski in the booth, notice that they are different clips put together to make one sentence) Morreski: i think Jake is nice guy in the world, he teach me a lot abought life and love. Ray: Jake saved my life once from this deadly shark that was carring a gun, he's a hero. Minu: no one has ever sex to me like Jaaaake, nine times in only five minutes, i can't wait until we do it again. Everyone made their votes, they were ovbiously Chi Chi Votes

Dr. D= Chi Chi

Rico= voted more than once to make sure Chi Chi wins

Ray= Chi Chi but beted $100 on Jake, the odds were 48 000/1

Minu= Chi Chi, but because Morreski couldn't understand her, he put Charle for her

Morreski= Chi Chi


Chi Chi: 37

Jake: 0

Charlie: 1

Bobbie announced the winner after the break, when she announced it Jake thought it was him. for instance "and the smiles, gets of the chair with his arms up with trimpth)....Chi Chi". everyone cheered for Chi Chi but Jake demanded a recount thinking it was rigged and that he won He later went up stairs and stole everyones stuff. he then went into the booth and said sobbing "i just want to win something for once in my life, IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK, (sobbing)". Chi Chi thanks for the mansion and says after watching season one, she learned that she used to be happy, but the show turned her into something else and refused the mansion. Jake comes down the stairs but trips and reveals his "lugadge". Bobbie then reveals to Jake that he won. Paniced, he ran to his room for it is revealed that he rigged it with bombs, and he couldn't difuse it. Ray soon realised that he just won the bet and that he is rich. Jake orders every one to leave for they did just in time as the house exloded. It is revealed that Ray rebuilt the mansion with the money he won and Jake is his servant.


  • In episode 13, Jake said that he won thousands of contests in his life, it is revealed to be false.
  • The voice over guy promoted a second season in the end as he said "Well, there you have it folks. The exciting ending of Life's a Zoo. tv, and my job. Dammit, this better go for a second season, I just bought that condo in Winnipeg".
  • It was impossible for the contestants to survive. Because they were not far away enough to survive the explosion plus, two of the bombs were nuclear war heads.
  • It is implied that Jake thinks that no matter what happens to him, the others, and the show. He thinks that he will win (this happened as well as episode 1,6, and 13).


THE FINAL FINALE (Life's a Zoo 20)22:16

THE FINAL FINALE (Life's a Zoo 20)

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