The Famous Cheese Guy
The Famous Cheese Guy


June 18, 2010 (Smosh)
Unknown (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Girl with Flower Top, Guy in Closet, Creepy Guy

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You wanna hear a cheesy joke? Knock knock. Who's there? Cheese! Yeah. SHUT UP!

—Shut Up! Opening

"The Famous Cheese Guy" is a Smosh video, uploaded on June 18, 2010.



Ian and Anthony watching television

Ian and Anthony are watching a show where a man is bouncing on a ball, in which Ian doesn't see the point of it. Anthony tells him to wait. A few seconds later, a commercial with Anthony appears. In the commercial, Anthony complains that he used the wrong cheese for his nachos, making them stink. Anthony throws a fit until his commercial mother comes in and says, "Hey, now, don't have a melt down, have a Melt Down! A Kraft Singles Melt Down that is!". Anthony is impressed and politely thanks his mother. He puts the cheese on the nachos and in the microwave, shouting, "Holy moly! That looks good!". Anthony eats the nacho and exclaims that they are amazing. Anthony tells Ian that "practically everyone in the world" is going to see it tonight. Ian says that it is all right, but tells Anthony that his acting stinks. Offended, Anthony tells Ian that he is just jealous that he is never going to be in a commercial.

Later, Anthony tells Ian he doesn't get his shirt. Before Ian can explain, a girl with a flower top recognizes Anthony from the cheese commercial. She asks if she can get a picture, so Anthony agrees. However, at the last second, Ian gets into the picture, the camera getting a shot of the girl looking disgustedly at Ian. The girl tells Ian that she only takes pictures with famous people. She tells Ian to leave and calls him a loser, then pushes him and Ian starts to step backwards as he flails his arms. He falls and the girl is in position to trip Ian. She then spits on him and leaves.

Later at home, Ian tells Anthony that his commercial was on while Anthony was sleeping, so he recorded it. In Ian's commercial, Ian is asked about gigantic mutant bugs in the house. Ian is given the Gigant-o Bug Swatter 20,000, which is really a tennis racket. Ian hits a clearly fake fly that is simply a picture since the white background is still visible. Anthony says it was totally fake, to which Ian says it wasn't. Fed up, Anthony asks Ian why he cannot admit that he will never be in a commercial. Offended, Ian asks in retaliation why Anthony cannot admit that he is a "gigantic idiot". Ian gets up from the couch and runs outside, crying. A ghost of Anthony teasing him and saying he will never be in a commercial, laughing. Angered and irritated, Ian tells him to shut up and keeps running. At least, not until a weird and suspicious looking guy tells him that he needs someone for his commercial and Ian is the perfect guy.

The weird guy tells Ian that he has to sneak into the house, take all the China tableware and get out without anyone noticing. Ian does as instructed, but as he is about to leave, the owner of the house (played by Anthony) comes out of a closet and asks what he is doing with his China tableware. Ian tells him it is for a commercial, so the owner lets him go.

Ian runs out of the house, but the same girl from earlier is on the ground, there to trip Ian. Ian is flailing around before he falls and gets spit on by the girl again. Ghost Anthony appears to tease Ian again, which prompts Ian to throw the China at him, missing and breaking it, making Ghost Anthony tease him more that he is in his imagination. Ian yells at Ghost Anthony, "I hate you and I especially hate your stupid haircut!". However, the weird guy thinks Ian is talking about him and fires him, telling Ian that his acting stinks before leaving. The owner asks if it wasn't a real commercial, but Ian says that it is. The owner gets excited and checks for a hidden camera, starting with his cat.


The Famous Cheese Guy/Script


  • This video shows more significance that lan is the dumb one of Smosh.
  • When lan slow-mo trips, the plates he were carrying had Christmas Trees on them.
  • It is a possibility that this video was made to promote Kraft Melt-Downs Singles.
  • When the girl trips Ian for the second time, her breasts can be seen.
  • The creepy guy from "2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM" is seen as the guy who is waiting behind lan and Anthony for use of the urinals.
  • The guy who tells Ian to steal the china is the guy who killed them in "SMOSH FOUND DEAD."
  • It is reveled that Ian has never been on a commercial. He later appears on a commercial in "XTREME SLEEPOVER!."

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