The Epic Battle: Jesus vs Cyborg Satan


November 19, 2005
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The Epic Battle: Jesus vs. Cyborg Satan is a video uploaded by Smosh aside from their other videos of them lipsynching theme songs from TV shows during Season 2005.

Brief Summary

Jesus vs Cyborg Satan! Who will win?


Jesus is walking around reading a newspaper when suddenly Satan calls him. Jesus turns around and Maria walks towards him. Satan (out of jealousy) wants to shoot Jesus but Maria jumps in front of the bullet and gets killed. Jesus tries to carry Maria away but falls off the desk. When Satan thinks he defeated Jesus, Jesus flies back up and starts flying around the room and around Anthony's head (and kind of molests Anthony). Satan isn't very impressed and thinks he can do better. As he tries to prove this he falls off the desk and gets really hurt. G.I. Joe witnesses this and wants to help Satan but falls off the bed and breaks his legs - poorly. He is then forced to crawl forward towards Satan. To his frustration there is a shoe blocking in the way and he has to climb over it. After climbing over the shoe he gets crushed by Ian who was getting some Mountain Dew. G.I. Joe crawls forward and finds the newspaper Jesus dropped when Satan called him. The credits begin to roll and heard in the background is G.I. Joe reading the newspaper.

Fun Facts/Trivia/Goofs

  • This may count as an irregular Smosh episode.
  • Maria was voiced by both Anthony and Ian.
  • The figure of Jesus was first seen in "Pokemon Theme Song" and its 5-year later sequel, "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE".
  • "I Will Go Sailing no More" was used for Disney/Pixar's Toy Story, which will be referenced as Anthony's favorite movie in later Smosh videos.
  • This is the only Smosh episode uploaded in Season 2005 that is not a theme song lip-synch video.
  • Cyborg Satan's figure in the video is actually of Searchman.exe of the Mega Man Battle Network series of games.
  • This video's title is very similar to the two South Park pilot shorts, The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty, and The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa.


  1. Raising the Cross - Passion of the Christ
  2. F**k Me Stilettos - Fight Paris
  3. Death is the Beginning - Mortal Thomsom
  4. I Will Go Sailing No More - Randy Newman
  5. Bearing the Cross - Passion of the Christ


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