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December 20, 2013 (Smosh)
December 22, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Ryan, Little Lamp, Everette Scott, Harley Morenstein, Felix Kjellberg, Jenna Marbles, George Washington little boy

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The End of Christmas (Part 2) is a Smosh video uploaded on December 20th, 2013 as a conclusion to last week's video.


Anthony and Ian set out to stop Christmas from ever happening. As... puppets!?



The scenes show Anthony wanting a story about Christmas while acting like a little child and Ian sounding stupid agreeing to tell the story. Other scenes shows Anthony planning to go back in time; Ian questioning Ryan Higa about making out with lamps which he say he didn't; Harley Morenstein coming out of the time machine; and Ian, Anthony, and Ryan being scared of a T. Rex.

Story (Part 2)

Before Song

Later on, the dinosaur died from allergies of incandescent glow of a light bulb making Anthony thank Ryan having him question. Anthony told the guys the six things on his list for hating Christmas and wants to stop them from existing to stop Christmas from happening starting with cranberries since the first part was finished. Ian thought that was a long list and it would take forever to finish. Ryan thought of speeding it up with a song which Ian agreed.

12 Days of Christmas Destruction

(Anthony and Ian sing about destroying Christmas while time traveling through different locations; Anthony sings the odd days while Ian sings the even)

First day

On the first day of the end of Christmas,
The first thing I crossed off my list
Was killing a T-Rex who was super pissed.

Second day

On the second day of the end of Christmas,
The next thing we freaking did
Was burn down the first cranberry field.

Anthony tells the cranberries to die as they burn.

Third day

On the third day of the end of Christmas,
We got some rabid rats
And let them loose to eat all Santa hats.

Anthony lets the rats loose to bite the Santa hats. All of the sudden Jenna Marbles tries to stop them from doing. After Ian and Anthony asked why she's back in time with them to be stopped, she states that without the hats, she'll have nothing to put on her dogs' heads during Christmas. Ian thought they were adorable, but Anthony decided to throw the rats at Jenna. He even laughs evilly for seven seconds, ducks down and comes back up with Ian, laughs for a fraction of a second, and ducks down with Ian again.

Fourth day

On the fourth day of the end of Christmas,
We got a big-ass log
And brain damaged the inventor of eggnog.

Everette Scott, the inventor of eggnog, just invented eggnog, but Ian hits him with a log making Everette forget what he invented and feel sad.

Fifth day

On the fifth day of the end of Christmas,
I got some rabid crows
And attacked an old lady who tied the first bow.

In Pewds's house in Sweden, Pewds, Felix's mother, just wanted to make the world prettier, but is attacked by Anthony's crows. Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, greets Ian and Anthony. Ian also greeted Felix, but he wanted his name to said as he says it. Anthony gets what Felix is, but Felix immediately catches up and asks what they did to his. Ian and Anthony act like don't understand what Felix is saying. Anthony says he thought it was Swedish what he was speaking, but Felix knows it's English. Ian thinks it's Mexican(how Mexicans speak Spanish) stating that he took those classes like that. Anthony told Ian that Mexican isn't a language calling it "Mexicanese". Ian looks and says that he didn't know Felix was Mexicanese and that it makes perfect sense. Felix mourned for his mom but blamed her for tying the bow instead of Ian and Anthony for killing her

Sixth day

Ian was about to sing the song, Ian doesn't know what day it is nor where Ryan Higa is feeling it's hecka long. Anthony wants to finish the song feeling he sang for the entire video which Ian agreed.

On I guess the last day of the end of Christmas,
We got a taser gun
And tased the s**t out of George Washington!

After the song part 2

Ian was wondering why they were in Philadelphia at July 4, 1776, where the signing of the Declaration of Independence takes place. Anthony said that's how George Washington made Christmas a holiday. As George Tyler Washington was about to sign the Declaration of Independence to make Christmas a holiday. To Ian and Anthony, George sounded different than they imagined. Ian thought George was gay due to his voice. Anthony thought him sounding like that wouldn't be true, but George disproved Anthony's point and decides to make Christmas the most fabulous holiday ever. Ian stops George by tasering him. Anthony decides to go back to December 25, 2013 to see if it worked. One of the puppeteers even showed his middle finger.

During what's suppose to be Christmas of 2013, Anthony asks a little boy day is it. He replies that it's Bacon Day. Ian asks what's Bacon Day. Harley reveals himself from the trash bin saying that he let Ian and Anthony destroy Christmas to make his evil bacon empire complete as he laughs evilly.

Ending (part 2)

Back in real life, Anthony thought that was the worst twist ending ever. Ian thought that since Anthony thought that was bad, he's got an even worse one as he flips a page.

Story (part 3)

Before song

While Harley laughs, the "guy" from before hit Harley with a lamp. Anthony wants to know who the "guy" is. It is revealed to be Ryan Higa. He said he slipped away to make his plan complete. Anthony wanted to know the plan, Ryan said he legalized lamp-marriage. Ian and Anthony liked that plan.

Humping Lamps (song)

(The narrator sings about humping lamps)

Humping lamps! Humping lamps!
The whole world is humping lamps!
Humping lamps! Humping lamps!
Hump hump hump hump hump hump hump
Humping lamps!
I like to hump lamps!
You like to hump lamps!

Ending (part 3)

Ian ends the story that they lived happily ever after and asks Anthony how he feels. Anthony thinks he feels better. Ian tries to give him a present to make him feel better. Anthony opens it to find a necklace that looks "just like" the one Anthony gave to him. Unfortunately, Anthony found out it was the exact necklace he gave Ian and that he just repackaged it. Ian said that wouldn't do that, but Anthony read the back that says it goes to Ian and from Anthony, but definitely not Ian himself so Anthony knows if Ian repackages it like the other Christmas presents every year. Ian throws a phone at Anthony which he knew it was his phone. Ian then throws Anthony pants which he knew right when he took off the blanket it was his pants. Ian then decides to throw his underwear at Anthony to give to him as a Christmas present, but Anthony went to Ian, and strangled him with his own pants as a Christmas gift by Ian.

At Ryan Higa's house, Ryan ends the story he was telling to Little Lamp on how Smosh died on Christmas. Little Lamp thought that the story sucked. The video even ends with a "Teehee!"

Alternate Ending

After Anthony used his pants to straggle Ian, Anthony rubs Ian's head telling him to sleep when he's dead. Anthony runs away to avoid being caught, but comes back to show his butt towards Ian and runs away for good.

Script (excluding song)

The End of Christmas (Part 2)/Script



  • This is the final regular Smosh episode of 2013, not counting the end of year remix.
  • During the live-action sequences (in both parts), Ian's storybook is really just a copy of Twilight: Eclipse
  • On the fourth day of the song, Ian says that he brain damaged the inventor of Eggnog with a log. The inventor of Eggnog in real life is Everette C. Scott.
  • Anthony's "What [he] Hates About Christmas" list is long in the front, but it's shorter on the back.
  • "Bacon Day" is an actual holiday celebrated two days before Labor Day.
  • Puppet Harley and Puppet Ryan Higa return in this video.
  • The video's ending has the word "TEEHEE" fill up the screen, parodizing Ryan Higa's videos.
  • Puppet versions of Jenna Marbles and PewDiePie appear in this video. Felix/Pewds is a blue puppet while Jenna is pink. Tyler Oakley appears as the voice of George Washington.
  • In the ElSmosh version, Pewds/Felix is dubbed by Patrick Maulen, due to PewDiePie not having an official Spanish dubber.
  • Ryan Todd directed this episode, as he did with last week.
  • Like last week, a puppeteer (Ian) takes off their puppet this episode and gives the middle finger.
  • George Washington from the eighteenth century never had a middle name nor signed the Declaration of Independence to invent Christmas.
    • What Washington did on Christmas during that same year was launching a surprise attack on the British by crossing the Delaware River on boat in the Battle of Trenton.
  • Like last episode, Ryan is dubbed by Claudio (Longcat) his most recurrent Fandubber.

Shut Up! Opening

Another Christmas episode, why not Kwanzaa?! SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Ian: Click the subscribe button to get a lamp girlfriend; 'cause you know, they're so easy to turn on.

(Ian and Anthony laughs)

Anthony: Turn on, aw that's so gold.



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