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December 13, 2013 (Smosh)
December 15, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Ryan, Harley Morenstein

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The End of Christmas (Part 2)

The End of Christmas (Part 1) is the first part of Smosh's annual Christmas special, coincidentally uploaded on Friday the 13th of December 2013.


Anthony and Ian set out to stop Christmas from ever happening, as.. Puppets?




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In Ian's room, Ian plays with his stuffed polar bear and reindeer in a Santa Claus outfit having the reindeer saying to the polar bear that it's gotten its Christmas cheer while laughing like Santa. All of the sudden, Anthony went in the room having Ian ask how Anthony spent his Christmas. Anthony said that it sucked because his best friend (Ian) didn't give him a Christmas present this year. Ian thought "that guy" was a jerk not knowing that it's him even though Anthony had to clarify it by talking slower. Ian did thank Anthony for the BFF necklace thinking it's amazing, but also thought of something better. Ian asked for one of Anthony's Christmas stories. However, Anthony pushed Ian out of bed and sat there wanting a story from Ian. Ian tried to tell him the story from A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS!, but Anthony didn't want it since he told Ian that story last year wanting a story made up by Ian. Ian tries to tell him the story of them hanging with two hot babes, but Anthony thought it was too sexy wanting another story. Ian wanted to know the least sexy way of making a Christmas story which they both thought of puppets.

Story (part 1)

Before the songs

Ian starts off the story of them waking up as puppets on the bed. Ian greeted Anthony since it's Christmas. Anthony started greeting Ian, but wondered what sticked up by Ian (which looks like Ian's penis but probably a puppeteer's elbow). Ian said that it was just a candy cane and asked Anthony if he's excited to open the gifts. Unfortunately, Anthony was tired of Christmas thinking it's always the same thing every and even want's to sing about it.

So Freaking Tired of Christmas (part 1)

(Anthony sings a song about Christmas)

Christmas sucks.
Christmas sucks.
I'm so freaking tired of Christmas
And all the bulls**t it puts in my head.
I'm so freaking tired of stupid presents under smelly trees.
I wish there was something instead
That wasn't so stupid and so lame.
I guess I have Santa and his elves to blame.
Yeah!  I'm so freaking tired of Christmas
And I want it to be dead.

(the first four lines aren't in the story)

After part 1 of the song

After Ian sees Anthony killing a Santa prop with an axe, he decides that he's tired of Christmas too.

So Freaking Tired of Christmas (part 2)

(Ian sings a song about Christmas)

I'm so freaking tired of Christmas
And all the malls and traffic snags.
I'm so freaking tired of eggnog candy canes
And big-ass shopping bags. (Christmas sucks)
Every freaking year it's always the same.
Mom gets me sweaters and the wrong video game.
I'm so freaking tired of Christmas
And I want it to be dead.

Between the songs

Ian wants to change Christmas, and then Anthony thought of going back in time and destroying Christmas so that it never exists. Anthony laughs evilly for eight seconds and then does a smaller one for only two. Ian thought that it was weird for a Christmas story, but decides to go along with Anthony's idea. As they were leaving their house, the puppeteers that move the Ian and Anthony puppets are seen leaving the house.

Outside by Ryan Higa's house, Ian wants to know why they're on his driveway. Anthony tells him that all Asians have time machines. They found Ryan making out with a lamp, disturbing the duo. Ryan told them he wasn't making out, but Anthony points out that he thought it wasn't legal in U.S. but only in Hawaii. Ian asked if they can use the time machine so they can destroy Christmas thinking it blows balls, but Ryan wondered why they asked him knowing he doesn't have one. Anthony pointed out that Ryan was Asian, which made Ryan tell them that he sold his time machine and doesn't have it anymore. Ian and Anthony tried to shoot him down, but Ryan decided to get it back. Anthony thought it was a great time to sing a song which Ian didn't like, but allowed.

The End of Christmas (song)

(Ian and Anthony sings as they travel with Ryan)

It's the end of Christmas,
That useless holiday.
It's the end of happiness and joy
Of jingle bells and slei-ei-ei-ei-eighs.
Say goodbye to Christmas food;
All that crappy stuff gives me cramps.
Ryan: I like to make out with lamps.

(the last line is used in the song and on iTunes)

After both songs

After Ian and Anthony felt weird, Ryan told them they're at the "owner's" house. Anthony noticed they haven't gone far which Ryan said it even felt it was long. All of the sudden, the time machine came which looked like a small trunk. The owner of it was Harley Morenstein (from Epic Meal Time), returning from altering history. Ian noticed that his phone is wrapped in bacon and Anthony noticed his wallet filled with Jack Daniel's alcohol. Once Anthony drank it, he threw up not wanting to drink it again. Ian asks Harley if they borrow the time machine which he allowed, but only if one of them beats him in an arm wrestling match. Ian decides to challenge him.

Later on in the match, Ian thought it was stupid, so the puppeteer (revealed to be human Ian) beats up Harley with his hand and even showed his middle finger. Anthony wanted to leave now in the time machine, but Ryan made a holdup for almost forgetting his lamp. Anthony thought it was disturbing, but doesn't want to ask and decides to leave.

On the road, Anthony says they need to go 88mph to time travel asking for the speed. Ian doesn't know and sees that the speedometer could only go up to 69. They blamed it on Ryan which he laughed his outro from the NigaHiga shows.

In an ally, Harley calls an unknown person that their plan worked. The "guy" in a black cloak thought it was excellent and will contact Harley later. The "guy" wanted Harley to hang up since he's almost out of minutes for the month. Harley couldn't hit the button with the puppet hands.

Sometime in the late Maastrichtian age, Anthony wants to know where they are. Ryan found a Tyrannosaurus rex which Ian, Anthony, and Ryan got scared.

Ending (part 1)

Ian started to end the story, but Anthony didn't like the story since the ending sucked. Ian decided for that to be a cliffhanger and finish the story next week. The narrator tells the audience to tune in next week to see if Ian and Anthony can stop Christmas from happening, to see if Ryan will stop making out with lamps, and if the puppeteers will get better at their jobs. The puppeteers didn't like the narrator.

Script (excluding songs)

The End of Christmas (Part 1)/Script


  • This video was coincidentally uploaded on Friday the 13th of December 2013.
  • Oishi Kawaii, Lucy Heartfilia, and Ms. Hugsalot makes a cameo appeance in Ian's first story.
  • Ian's storybook is really a copy of Twilight: Eclipse
  • Like previous videos, the extras were uploaded to YouTube on Sunday December 15th, 2013.
  • As seen in the extras, Ryan Todd (Stevie) directed this episode.
  • In Ian's main story, all the puppets are F.A.O. Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Puppets modifed in certain ways to fit the characters. Not counting the T-Rex at the end.
  • Puppet Harley's DeLorean is really a Power Wheels truck.
  • Anthony's line: "If we want this thing to travel through time, we have to hit 88 miles per hour!", references Back to the Future. Puppet Harley's DeLorean is an obvious reference as well.
  • The thumbnail of this video used to have a Christmas tree with a light green X on it in the background. But withing a number of days, Smosh decided to change the tree to Anthony's face.
    • Somehow, the ElSmosh version still has the old thumbnail.
  • Puppet Ryan Higa has Objectum Sexuality, since he's in love with inanimate objects (lamps)
  • Hawaii is part of the United States since Anthony thought making out with lamps is legal in Hawaii, but not the U.S.
  • As of this video, this marks the second year in a row where Smosh's Christmas special is a 2-parter and is made in a different way other than live action. Like last year's A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 1), which was animated in stop motion.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Anthony's new haircut in a Smosh video. As posted on Anthony's Facebook/Instagram page, he got a new haircut without the "emo flaps".
  • Like most of the videos where Ian's room is seen, the wooden carved bed from Sleeping Pill Disaster returns.
  • Ian's video game he didn't want was Duke Nukem Forever for the Xbox 360.
  • In the spanish version Ryan is dubbed by Claudio (Longcat) who has done Fandubbed Nigahiga videos.

Shut Up! Opening

Another Christmas episode, what about Chanukah? SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

I wish I could click the subscribe button; but my stupid, puppet hands can't click the button. (grunts) Damn it! My stupid, puppet hands! (grunts, gasps, and talks silently in his normal voice) Damn it, I just forced out a little shart.





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