The Damien & Shayne Show


Damien Haas
Shayne Topp


August 5, 2017


Smosh Games





The Damien & Shayne Show is a Smosh Games series hosted by Damien Haas and Shayne Topp, debuted August 5, 2017, replacing both Cell Outs and What're Those!? with the episode 'DAMIEN & SHAYNE TRAPPED IN NIGHTMARE SKYRIM'. The videos were initially released on Saturdays, but was later moved to Wednesdays after Smosh Games Live was paused.


The show is a "show with no rules". Damien and Shayne use things like mods to make things crazy and ridiculous on the games during the show and pretty much do whatever they want.


# Episode Date Released Game Played
1 DAMIEN & SHAYNE TRAPPED IN NIGHTMARE SKYRIM August 5, 2017 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2 SHAYNE & DAMIEN'S KITTEN TROUBLE August 12, 2017 Fallout 4
3 STORYTIME: WITCHER GOT FAT August 19, 2017 The Witcher
4 SANTA VS NAZIS?! August 26, 2017 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
5 RICK AND MORTY PLAY GTA V! September 2, 2017 Grand Theft Auto V
6 SHAYNE AND DAMIEN GO ON A DATE! September 9, 2017 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
7 SHAYNE AND DAMIEN GO FARMING! September 16, 2017 Stardew Valley
8 DESTINY 2 AS A SITCOM! September 30, 2017 Destiny 2
9 DAMIEN AND SHAYNE'S DATING DISASTER! October 4, 2017 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
10 GOD FIGHT! October 11, 2017 Fight of Gods
11 GOING SUPER SAIYAN! October 18, 2017 Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2