July 13, 2012

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Oishi High School Battle



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Oishi Kawaii, Noodles, Raif, Mucusance, nerd, girl who died from noodles, people from the crowd, other football players

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The Crush is the premeire episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Oishi High School Battle. It was uploaded on July 13, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Captain of the football team Raif wants to ask Oishi out for a date, but Oishi says that to win her heart, he must challenge her current boyfriend Mucusance to a duel. A van rolls into the parking lot and Mucusance comes out of it, then the duel starts. The winner was Mucusance.


Oishi Kawaii is in the high school trying to fit in and a girl wanted to pet Noodles, but he ate the girl's soul after being touched. Meanwhile, the football players (including Raif) are having a crush on Oishi. They were even more impressed when Oishi used her battle breasts to open her locker. The team decided Raif would be a good boyfriend. When he asked Oishi about the dance, she tried to fight him with her two kunais. When Oishi stopped, she was worried about time running out for everyone. Raif didn't really understand about her story and asked to go to the party. Unfortunately, Oishi didn't want it because she can't kill with it. After Raif, said that they'll have to be in some places, Oishi realized that he wanted to date her, but Oishi said that she already had a boyfriend. Raif felt disappointed, grabbed a nerd, and asked him how to impress Oishi. The nerd told Raif to get up on a high place, take his shirt off, and claim his desire for Oishi. Raif thought it was a good idea, while also slamming down the nerd and another nerd down when the final bell rang.

Outside of the school, Raif did as the nerd instructed and told Oishi to see Puss in Boots Part 2 and get junior mints. Oishi said to Raif to face off against her boyfriend in open combat before seeing the movie. Raif was nervous about the fight and saw Oishi's boyfriend was Mucusance. The reason why Mucusance was Oishi's boyfriend so his race could still exist. Raif wanted a take back, but there wasn't any. Mucusance challenged Raif to a single combat of Raif's choice.

Raif challenged Mucusance to a challenge of Dance Dance Super Mega Mega Dance. Raif was up first at a medium level. He got 2,600 points total. Mucusance was up next dancing at a Mucusance level (one level higher than hard). Mucusance was dancing so well, he got infinite points.

Mucusance won, decided to eat Raif and his blood splattered all over the crowd. Since Mucusance won the comeback, he wanted to take everybody to see Puss in Boots 2, but everybody in the crowd, except Oishi and Noodles, were afraid of him.


  • This is the first episode Oishi didn't fight a demon. The second episode is Carrer Day and the third is Sexting.

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