The California Stereotype Experiment


June 7, 2006
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The California Stereotype Experiment is a Smosh video uploaded on June 7, 2006.

Brief Synopsis: Ian goes on a quest to prove that not all Californians surf and/or live next to a movie star.


Ian is standing in front of the camera, on a beach, saying, "Alright, we're here at the beautiful Santa Monica beach in LA, and what I'm gonna do today is a little experiment: Since I live in California, I've been asked a lot of times by people out of the state, 'Do you live next to a movie star? Do you surf?' I mean, everyone in California always gets that. So what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna prove that stereotype wrong. I'm gonna go out and ask random people out here on the beach if they do actually surf or live next to a movie star, because I know I'm gonna be right and all those idiots are gonna be wrong. The people that stereotype, I mean." He then starts walking around the beach, and he tells Anthony that he sees someone that doesn't look like they surf, so they go over to him.

Person #1

Ian asks a man with a British accent if he surfs, and he says yes.

Person #2

The man says that his name is Steve, and when asked, he tells Ian that he does surf.

Person #3

The man's name is apparently Clay, and Ian asks if he lives next to a movie star. Clay says that he lives next to Kiefer Sutherland from the TV show, 24. Ian, getting upset, moves on to another person.

Person #4

An Irish or Scottish man named Paul tells Ian that he surfs all the time.

Person #5

Another man named Paul is asked if he lives next to a movie star, or any type of celebrity, and he says that he lives next to Ian. Ian, feeling complimented, greets him with a handshake and says that the man is his neighbor, and that he's awesome for saying that he was a celebrity.

Person #6

Ian asks a woman named Michelle, the first girl of the group, if she lives next to a movie star. She says that she does indeed live next to George Clooney, and Ian swears out loud.

At this point, Ian is very upset and almost gives up on the entire experiment, but Anthony motivates him enough to go on.

Persons #7 and 8

Ian is with two people this time, and they introduce themselves as Nick and John. Ian asks if either of them surf, and Nick tells him that they went surfing with Owen Wilson the other day. His reaction is hilarious.

Person #9

Ian asks a man named Dan if he surfs, and Dan says yes.

This time, Ian literally falls to his knees and pounds the ground with his fists in frustration.

Persons #10 and 11

Ryan and Tyler tell Ian that they surf, and Ian swears again.

Ian freaks out and tells Anthony they can't release the video, and that he doesn't want to ask anyone else. When Anthony tries to console him, Ian starts to run away. Anthony runs after him, but Ian runs faster, and Anthony can't catch up. Ian then flips Anthony off.


  • This was the first Smosh video to use the iconic Shut Up! Opening.
  • The first song (and only song Smosh is not sing) used Shut Up! Opening the the first time is California by Phantom Planet.
  • When Ian is interviewing Clay, a squirrel can be seen running in the background.
  • Smosh said that this was all scripted, but the people they interviewed were not actors, and they were just they ran into at the beach of L.A., and they told them what to say.


Shut Up! Opening

"♫ California, California ♫ SHUT UP!"



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