The Best Car EVER


September 24, 2006

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The Best Car EVER is a Smosh video uploaded on September 24, 2006.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony shows Ian what is supposed to be the best car ever.


Ian walks alone to Anthony's house and knocks on his front door. Anthony answers and tells Ian to wait around the side for the new car he intends to buy. Anthony then drives the car out to show Ian, however the lettering on the window doesn't spell out properly. Anthony says that some letters fell off and goes to get them. He then puts them on the car, and all the letters together spell out "THE FIREBALL." Anthony shows off some fireball decals on the side of the car, and he claims that they add 100 horsepower to the car each, but the decals are just stickers. He also says the black paint on the wheels is a special substance forged in a volcano. Finally, he shows Ian a spoiler, which is really just a binder and two cups taped together. Anthony covers up the fact that none of the decorations actually make the car better by telling Ian that the performance speaks for itself, and that looks don't matter.

They then get in the car to test it out. The drive starts out badly, as the car stalls a few times. Anthony explains that it is a security measure to protect them from thieves. They set off again, and the binder falls off the back of the car. As they're driving, Anthony tells Ian to note an installed refrigerator in the back, but it is really just a cooler sitting on the seat. When Anthony mentions how fast they are travelling, Ian points out that they're only going 25 mph. Anthony says that the speed is actually multiplied by ten, and that he is going at least 200 mph. He then tells Ian to close his eyes to let the car's computer automatically drive for him. When he does, the car almost crashes into a nearby trash can, and Anthony secretly controls the car. He ends up swerving it around so much that Ian becomes discomforted. Anthony lets Ian resume driving after saying that the computer can only handle so much, but when driving again, Ian notices that the spoiler is missing. Anthony says that it retracts itself into the trunk so you can get more speed when you're going fast, but spoilers are supposed to make you go faster when you're already driving fast.

They finally stop, and Anthony asks what Ian thinks of the car. Ian says that the car's really not that great, but he is interrupted when he notices a cup holder. Ian is so impressed that, despite the car's faults, he decides to buy the it, much to Anthony's delight.


Best car ever script


  • This is the first episode in which Ian and Anthony do not already know each other. Ian is a person who is buying a car from Anthony, and Anthony is the seller. This is the only episode to do this (other episodes have them as strangers but portray them as different characters).
  • When the spoiler is shown from a certain angle, a Smosh symbol and logo are seen.
  • The car is actually owned by Ian. However, as of later videos, he drives a Subaru Impreza, however, he may be driving a different car as of now.
  • The car's steering wheel has red construction paper "decals" taped to it, and so does the manufacturer (Hyundai) badges and the cup holder at the end.
    • Along with that, when Anthony shows lan the spoiler, the license plate is not blurred like usual, it is covered by construction paper.
  • This is the first Smosh video to have a bleep in it (in Boxman, they only muted the swearing).

Shut Up! Opening

"*Engine Revving* SHUT UP! "




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