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August 24, 2007

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The Assassins is a Smosh video uploaded on August 24, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: When Ian and Anthony get into a fight, Smosh's existence is endangered.


Ian, Anthony, and another guy, referred to as "Chief" are running around the side of a house, shooting their guns. Chief gets shot in the stomach, and tells Ian and Anthony to go on without him, that he's slowing them down. He closes the gate, and gets shot to death while Ian says, "No!" Anthony grabs him and says they have to keep moving. They climb in a car, and Anthony tells Ian to drive to the headquarters. The ride is short, and they soon arrive at what is apparently their headquarters. Both Ian and Anthony get out of the car, and without closing the doors, they climb over the chain-link fence.

They run around a building, and Ian jumps over a box. However, when Anthony jumps over the box, he trips and knocks it down. Ian says, "Alright, let's do it again. This time, make sure you jump OVER the box." Anthony replies, "Fine. I will, Ok? I know." They redo the same scene, only for Anthony to knock the box down again. Ian asks him how he's even managing to trip over the box when it's only three feet high, but Anthony tells him to give him a break, because he had pulled a muscle the previous day playing Wii Tennis. Ian asks, "Wii Tennis?" and Anthony responds in an angry tone, "It's a physically demanding sport!"

They redo the same scene, again, and Anthony trips over the box two more times. The third time, he succesfully jumps over the box, but Ian is on his phone, and didn't see him. Anthony gets mad, and tells Ian. "I finally make it over the box, and you're standing here on your phone!" Ian tells him it's for a good reason, a guy named Greg had sent him a funny picture of a party the previous night. Ian shows Anthony the picture, and it's of a guy with his bare butt in someone's face. Anthony slaps the phone away and tells Ian that he needs to pay attention while they're filming. Ian replies, "Well I figured it would take you ten more times to jump over that box, since you seem to be box jumping CHALLENGED." Anthony says, "I am sick of you being critical of MY performance, when you do crap like look at pictures of guys' butts on your phone!" Ian retalliates by saying that the picture was funny, but Anthony walks away. Ian asks, "Are you quitting or something?" Anthony says yes, and Ian tells him he's keeping the camera man. Anthony says that he's entitled to the camera man as well, so they make an arrangement so they can both have him certain days of the week. Ian has him Monday through Thursday, and Anthony has him Friday through Sunday. Anthony then points out that the camera man is Mormon, so he can't work on Sundays. The camera man says, "This is all my fault, isn't it? I hate you guys!" He runs away crying, and Anthony leaves as well. Ian says, "Fine! I'll just get a new partner! And he's gonna be way funnier than you! And he's gonna be able to jump over boxes, and laugh at pictures of people's butts! And he's gonna have a way cooler name than you, like Ernesto, or Fernando, or Antione, or Pablo, or Ian, or Maria, Guadelupe, or Ian!"


  • The Chief was played by the same guy that plays That Damn Neighbor.
    • Oddly enough, That Damn Neighbor is seen sitting on a fire hydrant in the shot of Ian going back to get the chief

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