The Announcer is a very minor Smosh character.


The Announcer tells the viewers to get it and also to never stop playing or they'll be killed again. The family is seen tortured and crying, not wanting to play the game anymore.

Teleporting Fat Guy is BACK!

The Announcer tells Billy and the viewers about the new teleporting fat guy cartoon and threatens Billy to watch it.

Gas Buster!

The Announcer tells people about the product and punched a guy for disliking fart jokes telling the viewers if they don't like it, they should be f**ked. Only instead of wearing a koala mask and a winter coat, he is wearing a tuxedo.

Google Glasses Suck

The Announcer explains about Google glasses.


The Announcer sounds calm and intelligent but is really a rather violent and sadistic person. As he threatens to kill Billy and his family to play Wii U Sports. He also threatens Billy again to watch teleporting fat guy.

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