April 18, 2014 (Smosh)
April 20, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Stevie, Repair guy, Roberto, his girlfriend

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Saving princesses and challenging villains looks so easy in the cartoon!


In the garage, Anthony starts to create a copy of Finn's hat which Rock music sings about making the hat.

In the living room, Anthony starts to talk about not sleeping for three days while making the hat, but sees that Ian is wearing another copy of Finn's hat. Ian talks about getting the hat on the thrift store down the street for three bucks which made Anthony angry. Ian also said that he found a replica of Scarlett, Finn's golden sword, from the gutter. Ian decides that Anthony is Jake the dog, but Anthony argues and decides for Ian to be Jake. Stevie decides to be Jake, but Ian nor Anthony want to deal with him. Anthony decides for the both of them to be Finn, but thinks he'll better than Ian. Ian decides to wait until an adventure about saving a princess comes along.

Sometime later, Ian and Anthony are just sitting on the couch doing nothing. Anthony thinks they need to create their own adventure which Ian agreed to and fist bumps Anthony. (ADVENTURE TIME!)

The narrator sings about Ian and Anthony having a good time with Scarlett and two copies of Finn's hat.

In the park, Anthony finds a guy named "Roberto" (Dwight Taylor) singing a song to his girlfriend, but he mistakes it for a princess in need of saving. Ian thinks it's just a girl and a guy hanging out, but Anthony still wants to have a princess-saving adventure. Ian agrees to it and fist bumps Anthony again. (MATHEMATICAL!)

Ian and Anthony get a folded ladder and Anthony stands on it to cut down a tree branch hovering over Roberto using Scarlett. The branch falls on Roberto, and Ian and Anthony bring the girlfriend out of the branch. She worries him, but Anthony told her to not worry since she's "safe" from him. She rushes to Roberto and told him to strum once for him being dead and twice for being alive. However before his second strum, Anthony stabs him with Scarlett and asks the girl for a kiss. However, the girl elbows Anthony near his balls. Now that was (BALLTASTIC!)

Near the house, Ian noticed a van parked on their driveway. Anthony thinks the van belongs to Simon Petrikov, aka the Ice King. He thinks that adventure found them. Ian and Anthony tried fist bumping, but failed a couple of times before finally succeeding. (AWKWARD!)

In the house, Ian and Anthony ask the repair guy while mistaking him for the Ice King what he's doing in the house and says that they'll stop his plans. The repair guy tells them that he's fixing the fridge. Ian noticed the week before that he was cutting some bacon pancakes and cut it too big. The repair guy said that it caused a lot of fumes to leak into the house. He even asked if the guys acted strange for the past few days.

In a flashback, Anthony is seen wearing a shirt like pants to fit over his cankles while Ian acts like a robot nakedly and says that there's an error.

Anthony thought their week was normal as Ian uses Scarlett to knock the crown off of the repair guy. The guy says that he isn't the Ice King since it's the name of his company. Ian and Anthony didn't seem to get it, but the repair guy tries to explain it better and even say that him fixing sofas makes him work the Sofa King. Ian thought that the joke was stupid and stabs the repair guy with Scarlett. Anthony tells Ian that they should leave from the fume, but not before doing a fist bump. (I THINK WE JUST KILLED A GUY! WE'D BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE SOMEONE CALLS THE COPS!) The guy asks about him which Stevie implied to not worry since he breathes fumes all the time.

Outside of the house, Ian asks Anthony what they learned today. Anthony thought it was to choose their own adventures with an endless bound of possibilities to make the most of it and not feel bored. However, Ian said that it wrong. Anthony got surprised and asked Ian to break stuff with him in slow motion which he agreed to.

In the garage, Ian and Anthony has started to break a ball of lettuce, tomato, four eggs, a container filled with eggs, and a container filled with jelly beans. Ian tries to tell Anthony not to break the nuclear bomb, Anthony did it anyway since Ian was talking to slow. The bomb exploded which leaves an orange mushroom cloud. (NUKLEOMATIC!) The narrator also says that he's a ghost.


Stevie still breathes in the fume near the dead repair guy.


The Adventure Time Adventure/Script


  • This video was released three days before the premiere of season six of Adventure Time.
  • Anthony breaking the nuclear bomb is a reference to the Great Mushroom War, a nuclear apocalypse that created the Land of Ooo in Adventure Time.
  • Sofa King is an obvious pun on "so f**king."
  • Ian and Anthony wear goggles before hitting the nuclear bomb for safety reasons.
  • During the scene where Ian and Anthony are showing their Finn hats, at one moment Anthony has a half-sliced banana, though later there's only the peel left.
  • This video is the appearance of Brittni Barger, an actress that would play a major role in Smosh videos until mid-2016.

Shut Up! Opening

Aw man! I wish my dog could shape-shift and talk. SHUT UP!



Anthony Padilla as himself
Ian Hecox as himself
Ryan Todd as Stevie
Dwight Taylor as Roberto
Brittni Barger as his girlfriend
Lee Eisenhower as the "Ice King"


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