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TheJovenshire, or The Jovenshire, is the personal channel of Joshua Ovenshire. It was launched on January 17, 2013, and has a mostly consistent uploading schedule of uploading a video every Wednesday and Friday. He mainly uploads vlogs, gameplay videos, and some reviews. According to Jovenshire, "If you wanna see it, it's gonna go up on this site."
  • He hosts a series on the channel called Unpopular Kids where [[|Flitz|Amra Ricketts]], him and his friends Matt Raub and NikoleZ talk about things that make them rage that are on the internet.
  • Jovenshire's channel is mainly known for his vlogs revealing backstory on both himself and the other Smosh Games members and his Bad Motivators, a review show hosted by Joven and LeoZombie in which they analyse video games, movies, and other geeky topics.
  • Some of the Smosh Games crew members have been seen in his videos. Mari was featured in a prank video titled, "I SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF MARI," and Lasercorn and Sohinki have been in one or two videos, mostly in the background or off camera.
  • His channel currently has 370,000+ subscribers, the third most out of all the Smosh Games personal channels.

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