"That guy" is a nameless character from the video SMOSH FOUND DEAD.


"That guy" plays a major role in 'SMOSH FOUND DEAD' as the sole antagonist.

That guy owner

He is the owner of a restaurant.


He is all the employees who work there:

That guy hostess employee
That guy chef employee
That guy employee Trixie



He is a patron.

That guy diner
That guy fake police

He is also the fake police.

As the video progresses, Ian and Anthony know that all people in the restaurant, as well as on their recent Twitter questions, are the same guy.

That guy's tweets


"That guy" seems to have a vast amount of supernatural powers, including the abillity to teleport at will, appear in different costumes with almost no time having passed, and even manages to kill Ian and Anthony without being seen.

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