That Damn Punishment


October 15, 2010

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Benny Jean, Cletus Boyle, Louis Sabotchi, That Damn Neighbor

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That Damn Punishment is a Smosh video uploaded on October 15, 2010 and is the fourth video in the That Damn Neighbor series.


In this video, Benny Jean has to make a video and he wants the viewers in YouTube to help.

Follow Ups

On October 22, 2010, two follow-up videos, That Damn Shower and That Damn Rap Music were uploaded on YouTube, as well as a video from the Smosh website, That Damn Trash Pile.                                               

That Damn Punishment

Cletus commented on the "heavy duty fence" that Benny Jean had set up around his pet flamingo. Benny Jean is happy that he did because then That Damn Neighbor won't be able to get to it. However, Benny Jean's parole officer drives up and goes to hide, telling Cletus to tell the officer that he isn't there. However, when the parole officer went up to Cletus, he immediately revealed the hiding spot of Benny Jean, which was behind a tree.

The parole officer tells Benny Jean that he has to make a video for the Ecomagination Youtube Video Challenge as part of his community service. He also tells him that if Benny Jean refuses, he's going back to prison. The worst part of it, The Neighbor will be going with him. Benny Jean is given no choice and was about to go into his house, but the Neighbor suddenly pops up in front of him, making Benny Jean scream.

Benny Jean later asks Cletus for the camera, only for him to reveal that the Neighbor has it. Benny Jean yells at the Neighbor to "stay away from[his] video, [his] camera and especially [his] damn pet flamingo or [The Neighbor] will wish [he] was never born on the side of the Mississippi." The two start filming the video, where Benny Jean tells the viewers that if they don't help the enviornment, they won't have many animals like his pet flamingo for example. However, he finds it gone and yells at the Neighbor to give it back. However, for once, the flamingo was put back into the fence. Benny Jean later explains that GE is going to give clean water for people that don't have any and says that he feels better about himself.

However, he discovers that the Neighbor was suddenly holding the camera and Cletus was somehow on the roof. Benny Jean goes up to slap the Neighbor but ends up slapping Cletus instead. Cletus says that he quits and leaves, leaving Benny Jean to finish the video himself and tells the viewers that he will pick his favorite ideas in the comments and do a video of them. Meanwhile, Cletus runs into his room crying, wishing there was someone who loves him. He feels a hand on his shoulder and at first was happy, but screams when he finds out that it's the Neighbor.



Alternate Ending

Cletus finds out that the Neighbor is in his room. He starts screaming and the Neighbor tells him to be quiet.

Shut Up! Opening

"Fiddle Music. Shut Up!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing you little whippersnappers! Whippersnapper, whippersnapper, whippersnapper, whippersnapper.

Shut Up! Opening

(Banjo music) SHUT UP!

That Damn Shower

That Damn Shower
Have a shower using shampoo and 30 seconds. Wearing a speedo.


Benny Jean comments how the user's idea is a great way to conserve water. Cletus and Benny Jean were now in the bathroom, with Benny Jean wearing a speedo and putting his clothes on the toilet. Cletus starts the timer as Benny Jean gets into the shower. Benny Jean screams on how cold the water is, but then quickly starts to lather himself and his pet flamingo in soap remembering that Cletus is timing him.

After 30 seconds, Benny Jean tells Cletus to hand him his clothes, but Cletus finds Benny Jean's clothes missing. He later finds out that the Neighbor took Benny Jean's clothes, in which Benny Jean takes out a whip and starts to chase after the Neighbor. Outside, he sees the Neighbor riding on a truck and tries to chase him, but is too slow, allowing the Neighbor to get away. Benny Jean tells Cletus that the Neighbor stole his clothes and his crotch also feels weird in a speedo. Cletus sees the Neighbor's head between Benny Jean's legs and screams.

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing, hoo hoo! What the hell was that?



That Damn Rap Music

That Damn Rap Music
"You guys should make a music vieo about the process of planting flowers and trees" AndrewLeonardi

Benny Jean and Cletus wrote a rap about planting flowers and trees and how it helps the enviornment. However, their efforts get inturrupted when the music is suddenly changed to mariachi music. The Neighbor was then seen holding Benny Jean's boombox and had also changed the music. Benny Jean yells at the Neighbor to "stay away from[his] boombox, [his] music video and especially [his] damn pet flamingo or [Benny Jean] will mess [The Neighbor] up, foo!"

After Benny Jean realizes that the rap music is getting to him because he said "foo," they continue. However, during the middle of it, Cletus asks if planting flowers is "kinda girly" but Benny Jean says that "helping the enviornment is super manly." Cletus does one line in a metal voice, but Benny Jean discovers his flamingo gone. When Benny Jean later sees the Neighbor with the flamingo's neck in his mouth, he screams.


So let me tell you a thing or two
About helping out enviornment, it's really cool
Plants help by reducing CO2
Which is bad in large quantities for me and you

(The neighbor plays mariachi music)

So listen up here, this is what you do
You plant some flowers, sit back and enjoy the view

(Cletus questions if it's girly)

Helpin' out Earth, plant some trees
I love my flamingo and it loves me
Helpin' out Earth, plant some trees
I love my flamingo and it loves me

Subscribption Ending

And thanks for subscribing! I always liked that stuff... I don't even know what subscribing is though, to be honest... is it like a magazine?



That Damn Trash Pile (Extra)

Make a house for your flamingo using nothing but your own trash.


Benny Jean pours trash on his garden flamingo as a new home for it. Benny Jean comes back to his chair telling Cletus about the house he built. Cletus wants to see the house, so he runs over to it. Even though it was just a pile of garbage, he thinks it's really good. All of the sudden, the damn neighbor popped out from the trash making Cletus scared.


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