Only if you give me a new smosh intro -- Holy bagises; okay, I will shut up, theeen!


Benny Jean (While sleeping): Nooo! Nooo! THE DAMN NEIGHBOR! NO NO THAT DAMN NEIGHBOR! I gotta get my flamingo back! [Security Breaking Alarm Rings]

Police: We have a breaking maximum security! Release the hounds!

[Ian and Police are Running]

Benny Jean: OK Benny Jean this is a small free way. AHH! DAMN IT! SCREW ASS!

Police: HOLY! Screw the certain stuff, I'm hungry. You want taco d

Benny Jean: Never mind that cletus, you're going to help me get that damn pet flamingo out from that damn neighbor!

Cletus: You mean that neighbor right there?

Benny Jean: OH WHAT THE FREAKING HECK! YOU GIVE ME BACK MY PET FLAMINGO OR I'LL FRY YOUR ASS LIKE A POSSUM ON A HOT SUMMER NIGHT! What you're not going to tell me where my pet flamingo is? Well I have ways of getting worked out of you neighbor! CLETUS FETCH MY BEATING STICK!

Cletus: Benny Jean he's getting away!

Benny Jean: Hurry Cletus! Get my HUMMER!

Cletus: Well I traded it to him for a fog machine.


Benny Jean: Hurry up Cletus, we need a box of mint!

Cletus: Help! My skate broke! Can I ride on your back or something?

Benny Jean: What do you think that is? Brokeback Mountain?

Cletus: Please!


[The neighbor's segway ends up on a ramp, causing him to fly over the freeway].

Benny Jean: Son of a female dog! We lost him!

Cletus: So why don't we just get to his house and get the flamingo there?

THIS IS THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE HUH? YUP! How did you know the flamingo was in here anyhow?

Cletus: Well we hung out a few times while you were behind bars? Wait you... [IAN SEES FLAMINGO] Wait watch this. I always new this could come handy at some point.

Benny Jean: How exact hell does it have a laser security grid?

Cletus: I told you we hung out a few times. [BENNY JEAN: Ok shut up for a second this is going to require lot of skill and test to manoeuvre off so do exactly as I say GOT IT?]

Both try to get through. Security alarm rings

Police Machine: We got a hand at 241 street.

Police: I'm on it. Guard the tacos doggy! Thank you!

Cletus: What're we going to do? Im too young to die. [Benny Jean suggests getting the heck out but sees neighbor with axe].

Police comes, they run away..

Police: OK Everyone stop, what the hell is going on here.

Cletus: Well we broke into his house....

Benny Jean: No no no he stole my flamingo and I'm just trying to get it back!

Police: Freaky friday! This is bigger than I thought! Flamingos are endangered creatures and stealing them is a federal offence and so is breaking out of jail! Both of you youre going away for a long time.

Benny Jean: Wait hold on what about him (Cletus)

Police: No hes cool we hung out a few times {What you backstamming jerk} said Ian.

Benny Jean: Honestly officer I don't give a hoot how long Im in jail as long as I got my pet flamingo Im super duper happy!

Police: Shh enjoy your new cell mate! Haha!

BJ: Hey there partner names Benny Jean nice to meet you! Get me out of here!

Cletus: Those tacose look like they taste pretty good!

Police: Yeah the doggies favourite, [Anthony wants tacos]

Dog with orange eyes: Back of my tacos human! Anthony screams.

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