That Damn Prison Break
That Damn Prison Break


March 6, 2009

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That Damn Neighbor

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Benny Jean, Cletus, Flamingo, That Damn Neighbor

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That Damn Prison Break is a Smosh video uploaded on March 6, 2009.

Brief Synopsis: In the third video of the That Damn Neighbor series, Benny Jean breaks out of prison to rescue his damn pet flamingo back from that That Damn Neighbor


At the Tallahasse State Prison, Benny Jean Ian is having nightmares about That Damn Neighbor and his flamingo. He wakes up, determined to get his flamingo back, and breaks out of jail. He jumps the fence and runs into the woods. A security guard announces on the intercom, "We have a break in maximum security. Release the hounds." Benny Jean runs farther into the woods, but is now being chased by a police man and the 'hound' (which is just a chihuahua). He stops at a small creek and forces himself to jump. Unfortunately, he doesn't even land close to the bank of the creek, and says "Oh, dagnabbit! Ah, screw this!" The guard reaches the same creek, but gives up on chasing Benny Jean and goes to get tacos with his dog.

Benny Jean runs to his house to find Cletus asleep in a lawn chair in the front yard. He takes off his orange suit and wakes up Cletus, only to slap him in the face for not writing him while he was in jail (he deserved it) After telling him to help him get his pet flamingo back, the neighbor appears again. Benny Jean threatens The Neighbor to return his pet flamingo, or else he'll "fry [his] ass like a possum on a hot summer night." The Neighbor doesn't respond, which forces Benny Jean to tell Cletus to fetch his beating stick. Cletus points out that The Neighbor is getting away, and when Benny Jean turns back around, The Neighbour is escaping on a segway. Beny Jean tells Cletus to get his Hummer, but Cletus says he has traded it in for a fog machine, to which Benny Jean asks him if they have anything else with wheels. Soon the two chase The Neighbor on roller skates. Cletus trips and breaks one of his skates, so he asks Benny Jean if he can ride on his back. Benny Jean responds, "What do you think this is, Brokeback Mountain?" They see The Neighbor heading for the freeway and stop, expecting him to stop as well. However, The Neighbor manages to escape when he rides his segway over a conveniently placed ramp and flies over the freeway. Benny Jean exclaims, "Son of a female dog! We lost him!" Cletus suggests that they go to his house and get the flamingo there.

As the two enter The Neighbor's house, Benny Jean asks how Cletus even knew the flamingo was in there. Cletus admits that they "hung out a few times" while Benny Jean was in jail. While Benny Jean calls Cletus a "backstabbing son of a gun," Cletus spots the flamingo on a pedastal. Benny Jean goes to get the flamingo, but Cletus stops him and takes out his fog machine. The fog machine reveals a laser security grid, which Cletus also knew about from hanging out with The Neighbor. Benny Jean manages to maneuver through the lasers, but when it's Cletus's turn, he immediately sets off the alarm. The police man that was chasing Benny Jean is notified of this, and tells his dog to guard his tacos before leaving.

Benny Jean grabs the flamingo and the two try to escape, but they bump into The Neighbor wielding an axe. They try to find another way out, but The Neighbor suddenly shows up in their way again. The two run away again, only to bump into the police officer, which causes a Scooby-Doo style chase scene throughout the house involving Benny Jean, Cletus, The Neighbor, and the police officer. After the chase ends, the police man demands that they explain what's going on. Cletus starts to say that they broke into The Neighbor's house, but Benny Jean interrupts and explains why they are even in the house in the first place. The police man says that the flamingo is an endangered species and stealing them is a federal offense, as well as breaking out of jail. The police man proceeds to arrest Benny Jean and The Neighbor away, but Benny Jean gets asks why Cletus isn't being taken away. The police man says he's cool because they've "hung out a few times."

At the prison, Benny Jean is telling the police officer that he doesn't care that he's in jail as long as he has his pet flamingo back. The police officer pushes him into his new cell, and locks the door. Benny Jean greets his new cellmate, who is reading a newspaper that is covering his face. When it is revealed that the cellmate is actually The Neighbor, Benny Jean screams to be let out of the jail cell. Meanwhile, Cletus is sitting with the police man, who is eating his tacos. He asks the dog for a taco, but the dog's eyes glow red and it responds, "BACK OFF MY TACOS, HUMAN!" causing Cletus to scream.


  • This is the first Smosh video to use the modern intro.
  • The cop said that Benny Jean escaped from maximum security, but it was really just a chain fence. It could simply be that the prison just has poor security, especially seeing how the cop seems to be the only member of personnel in the entire facility.
  • Robin from Batman's Cool Internet Video appears briefly in the chase.
  • When Cletus asks Benny Jean if he can ride on his back, Benny Jean's response was referencing Brokeback Mountain, a 2005 film about two gay cowboys.
  • At 5:22, you can hear someone whisper,"And that's what she said."
    • It's possible that this might have been The Neighbour
  • This is the only video to use both the old intro and the modern intro.
  • During the chase scene, one of the doors on the left side automatically opens and shuts with no one touching it.
  • After waking up from his nightmare, Benny Jean is wearing his normal clothes, yet when he's escaping, he's wearing a prison jumpsuit.
  • The police officer has the Smosh insignia on his right sleeve.

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