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November 3, 2006

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That Damn Neighbor is a Smosh video uploaded on November 3, 2006 and the first installment of the That Damn Neighbor series.

Brief Synopsis: Benny Jean builds a fence to keep his Neighbor out from his pet famingo, but it doesn't work.


Benny Jean is sitting in a lawn chair, drinking what looks like an energy drink, and Cletus sits down in a chair next to him. Cletus asks him how's it going and he compliments the fence around them, and asks Benny Jean what it's for. Benny Jean answers, "I'll tell you what, Cletus. It's That Damn Neighbor! He's always coming onto my lawn, standing next to my damn pet flamingo, and I know he's just trying to rattle me up and cause a ruckus up in my front yard." Cletus asks if Benny Jean is talking about the neighbor that is standing right behind him, and Benny Jean turns around to see just that. He says to Cletus, "See, Cletus? That fenced-in area is already working. That Damn Neighbor can't get in and stand next to my pet flamingo." However, The Neighbor suddenly appears, standing behind Benny Jean's flamingo, and he gets up to give The Neighbor a piece of his mind. "You better get out of my fenced-in area right now, before I kick your keister! You're bothering me AND my damn pet flamingo! Now you better scram!" He emphasises his opinion by pointing his finger in The Neighbor's face multiple times. The Neighbor apparently leaves, because Cletus says that he "scrammed faster than a rabbit out of a snake hole." The Neighbor is seen sitting on a fire hydrant on the other side of the street, and Benny Jean laughs at him. Cletus tells Benny Jean that he needs to beef up the security on the fence so The Neighbor can't ever get in it again, and Benny Jean accepts the idea.

After duct taping several tacks onto the top of the fence, Benny Jean stands back and admires his work. The Neighbor appears inside the fenced-in area, and Benny Jean tells him to get away from his flamingo. But instead, The Neighbor starts birdwatching. When Benny Jean tells him not to, he poses in a way one would when about to throw a football. Benny Jean says, "What are you doing playing football in my yard? That's my football, you best give it back now, ya hear?" The Neighbor throws the football at his face, and then gets on a motorcycle. Benny Jean says that he has no idea how The Neighbor was able to appear with a motorcycle, and is therefore stunned enough not to be mad at him. The Neighbor then picks up the flamingo, and Benny Jean pleads for him to put it down, as the flamingo does not like being held. A dog then appears in the fenced-in area, and Benny Jean says, "Oh you best not be walking your dog in my yard. If he goes peepee on my flamingo, I'm gonna kick your heinie back to Tallahassie!" The Neighbor leaves, and Cletus sits down in a chair next to Benny Jean. He praises Benny Jean for advancing the security around his flamingo, and Benny Jean thanks him. He suddenly realizes something, and asks Cletus how exactly he got into the fenced-in area with all the tacks taped to the top of the fence. Cletus says it's obvious, that he cut a hole in the fence a few days earlier, and Benny Jean slaps him.


That Damn Neighbor (video)/Script


  • This is the very first video of the "That Damn Neighbor" series. This video also marks the first appearance of That Damn Neighbor.
  • The Neighbor is played by Brian Rassmussen, who also plays the Pizza Delivery Guy in 2009's Pizza Zombies! and the Food Battle News Reporter.
  • Right when the Neighbor has his motorcycle, Benny Jean should be mad at the Neighbor because the Neighbor could ride his motorbike and crush Benny Jean's flamingo.
  • In addition, Benny Jean is not speaking in character as he begins to talk like Ian.


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