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Best friend? We don't even know you.
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The Neighbor


Played By:

That Damn Neighbor is Benny Jean's arch-nemesis. He is obsessed with stealing Benny Jean's flamingo and other valuables. Whenever Benny sees That Damn Neighbor, he yells, "You better stay away from my (noun), my (another noun), and especially my damn pet flamingo!!"


That Damn Neighbor wears sunglasses, a turquoise jacket with lavender lines, orange shorts, and white shoes. He also seems to have magical powers on the dance floor of voodoo dolls.

The Neighbor keeps stealing Benny Jean's pet flamingo. While Benny Jean was in prison, he "hung out a few times" with Cletus. He owns a Segway and also has laser security installed in his house.

Episode appearances

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Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • His first appearance was in "That Damn Neighbor" on November 4, 2006.
  • At the end of "That Damn Yard Sale," when Cletus was poking the neighbor's face to get his attention, he quickly turned to Cletus and said, "Don't f**king touch me!," making a startled Cletus scream. This was the first time the neighbor broke his silence.
    • The neighbor also broke his silence in Food Battle: The Game, as he's the guy who manages challenge mode.
  • While not actually an appearance, Anthony dresses up as him in Guy's Guide to Being Manly.
  • His ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere, and his habit of standing near motionless is comparable to Slenderman.
  • His tendency to appear in the end credits is also done by Molester Moon.
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