Anthony: Yeah! A new frisbee! Yesssss! (shouting) Hey Ian! Check this out!         

Ian: What?

Anthony: C'mon, c'mon check this out!

Ian: What?

Anthony: Dude, check this sweet frisbee out!

Ian: Oh my god!

Anthony: So sweet! C'mon dude, let's play! Let's play! 

Ian: Alright.

(Anthony throws frisbee to Ian)

Ian: Alright, are you ready for this?

Anthony: I'm ready dude!

(Ian throws the frisbee, but Anthony can't catch it)

Ian: Frisbee!

(The frisbee continues to fly)

Ian: Oh no, frisbee!

(The frisbee continues to fly)

(Frisbee falls into the sewage)

Anthony: Dude, you just threw my frisbee in this sewage!

Ian: Well, are you expecting me go in there?

Anthony: Well, you threw it, right?

Ian: You know what, whatever.

(Ian walks into the sewage)

Anthony: Dude, where are you? What are you doing? Are you getting it? Are you in there? What the hell? What the hell?

(Anthony walks into the sewage)

(Ian comes out in Anthony's room and knocks into the wall with his head)

(Anthony comes in)

Anthony: Dude, where are we?

Ian: Uh....

Anthony: Looks like my room...

Ian: It is your room?

Anthony: (laughs) What? Wha-

                               (TMNT Theme begins)

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