Teenage Mutant Ninja Disaster is the forty-eighth installment for the SmoshGames series Dope! or Nope. In this episode, they judge the newest TMNT game.


  1. April's right buttock
  2. April's left buttock
  3. April getting soaked
  4. the environmental interactions
  5. switching to other turtles with the d-pad
  6. murdering civilians
  7. stealth attacks
  8. "time for a staff meeting"
  9. the dancing
  10. the turtle's designs
  11. cool combo prompts
  12. parkour


  1. April's rigid movement
  2. the inclusion of an intro
  3. April's face
  4. unskippable cutscene
  5. taking turns looking troubled
  6. no mode for fighting other players
  7. unlocking more players
  8. another unskippable cutscene

Final thoughts

Joven says that it seems like an incomplete game, while Sohinki says Meh leaning towards Nope. Abig complaint not given a dope or nope stamp being that the game promised a four-player experience but it only counted for the the arcade mode. The game is Nope! for now.


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