Tampon Dreamin'
Pubertina 3


May 16, 2012

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Tampon Dreamin' is the third episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina. It was uploaded on May 16, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Sick of using pads for her periods, Pubertina tries to do anything she can to get her hands on a tampon.


Pubertina is sitting in front of the TV, watching a pad commercial. She becomes increasingly angry as the commercial continues, and eventually ends up kicking the TV over. She then writes a letter to her mom and hangs it on the fridge. The letter reads:

Dear Mom,
Sorry about the T.V. Could this be P.M.S?!

Pubertina then starts singing a song about tampons.

My mom told me I couldn't wear tampons yet
These pads she buys are a bulky as they get
But someday soon, in a public restroom
I'll ask aloud,
"Could you spare me a tampon?
Haven't got a dime
Could you show me how to insert it
If you have the time?"
I thought my friend was eyeing my new watch
Instead she was just staring at my crotch
From a mother's womb to a Ladies' Room
She calls out to you,
"Could you spare me a tampon?
Haven't got a dime
Could you show me how to insert it,
If you have the time?"

When Pubertina finishes her song, a woman knocks on Pubertina's stall door and hands her a tampon. Pubertina inserts it, and then happily walks out the bathroom door. A boy then hands her a balloon shaped like a tampon and runs away. Pubertina ascends into the sky by the string of the balloon.


  • Considering that Pubertina might weight around 110lbs, it would take around 5,500 balloons to lift her.


Shut Up! Opening

"Could you spare me a tampon? SHUT UP! Cartoons"