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August 17, 2012 (Smosh)
August 19, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Bryan, his mom, Banjo, Robert and the other animal control employees, Bryan's daughter and wife (mentioned), his grandson, Old Bryan

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Taken 3 - TRAILER is a Smosh video uploaded on August 17, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: In the third Taken movie, before he had his daughter and his wife taken from him, Bryan also had something taken from him when he was younger: his dog, Banjo.


Taken 3

Before his wife and daughter were taken, someone else was taken when he was young. Bryan (Ian) put Banjo, his mutt, out at the backyard to help his mom unpack. His dog got through the fence and ran away from the house. Bryan was worried about Banjo. The mother thought that Banjo would turn up, but Bryan thought that he might get taken somehow. When the guy in the animal control truck (Anthony) found Banjo, the dog called his master to get him. Bryan talked to Banjo with his hamburger phone, but couldn't understand him because Banjo doesn't speak English. He also doesn't want Banjo to get taken into the animal shelter. When the animal control guy put a leash on Banjo's collar, he calls Bryan. Bryan wants to know why the guy took Banjo; he responded that the dog was lost. Bryan tells the guy that he doesn't have any money because he spent it all on Pokémon cards, but has a penchant for karate chopping men in the neck area and then shooting their wifes in the knee cap. Bryan doesn't know who the animal control guy is(which the guy said his name is Robert), but when they meet Bryan is killing him. Robert said that Bryan could just come over to the shelter. Bryan starts to go to the shelter, but his mom wants to know what he is doing. Bryan tells her that he is taking away the employees' lives for taking away Banjo. However, the mother thinks it was a joke and telling him that he has to hurry up because he has taken his time.

Bryan goes to animal shelter with his gun and karate chopped four people (three employees and one customer) in the neck area. When he found Robert, Bryan pointed his gun towards Robert and asked him, "Where's Banjo!?" When Robert started answering, Bryan shoot the girl next to Robert in the kneecap and still asked Robert where Banjo is. Robert tells him cowardly that Banjo is in the third kennel. Bryan thanked Robert and karate chopped him like the others. When Bryan was in the kennel, he karate chopped and shot the employee giving him Banjo. Bryan was pleased to meet his dog and says to him that he will never be taken again and is taking Banjo home right now; after that a rainbow appears.

Alternate Scene

Bryan tells his mother that he is taking away the employee's virginities, pants, blood, Twilight books (Bryan likes the books), gold, skin, boom microphones, armpit hair, butt cheeks, women, or kitty helmets. Then it reveals that he doesn't know his lines.

Deleted Scene

When Bryan's mother thought that her joke was funny, Bryan thinks it's only funny in a land where every sh**y joke is funny.

Taken 57

(This appears 20 summers later.)

Bryan (Tom Hart) thinks someone had taken his diaper. His grandson (Anthony) says that no one has taken it and that he just has Alzheimer's Disease. Bryan found his diaper and sees that he has taken a s**t.


Taken 3 - TRAILER/Script


  • The video makes viewers believe that this is a possible STUPID MOVIE SEQUELS PART 2
  • This is the first Smosh video where the sequel trailer is before the movie that the sequel is representing.
  • This is the second parody video where the fake trailer of the sequel and the premiere of the movie that the sequel is representing are in the same year. The first one was with Home Alone 6 in STUPID MOVIE SEQUELS.
  • Banjo calls Bryan on a silver flip phone, while Bryan talks to Banjo on a corded Hamburger phone
  • Before Bryan enters the scene, his mom's box has a "TOXIC" sticker on the side with skull and crossbones, while the other side has an evil pumpkin with "HALLOWEEN VIBRATORS" on it.
  • El Smosh's version of the video comes out the same day as New Super Mario Bros 2 which was mentioned in REJECTED MARIO GAMES(the English version appeared the same day for the same game in Europe except Italy).
  • As soon as the video was uploaded to Smosh's YouTube, the thumbnail was a still from the video.
  • Bryan's grandson (Anthony) is holding the XBOX controller upside down.
  • When Ian is talking to the animal control guy in ians house behind him you can see Shotgun shells and bullets.
  • This is Tom Hart's last appearance until "We're Stuck in Slow Motion" in 2014.
  • This video was a parody trailer for an unexpected Taken 3 which was released in 2015

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This summer, prepare for- SHUT UP!

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Thanks for subscribing! *Bark bark* Shut up Banjo! If you're not gonna speak human, then just don't talk!



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