Tron Legacy Leaked Footage


December 17, 2010

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Garret, Olivia, Garret's opponent, Jeff

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TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE* is the a Smosh video uploaded on December 17, 2010. In this episode, Smosh does several leaked footage clips in the movie Tron: Legacy to see what the scenes look like before special effects were added.


Ian as Jeff Bridges (who plays Kevin Flynn), Sam's opponent in the Light Cycle, voice of Joseph Kosinski (the director)
Anthony as Garret Hedlund (who plays Sam Flynn)
Ellen (?) as Olivia Wilde (who plays Quorra)


Quorra and Sam See the City

Garret and Olivia were commenting on how nice the city is, according to their lines. It is revealed that they're wearing blue spandex and standing in a room mostly made of green screen.

Sam Jumps Across the Ravine

Garret starts running then jumps. Another shot shows Garret flailing his arms as if he's falling, then another has him landing safely before he says, "That was a close one!"

Quorra Reveals Identity Disk

Olivia tells Garret to have his character touch the Identity Disk, which is just a frisbee. When Garret touches it, he starts to act aroused as Olivia says, "Feels good, doesn't it?"

Light Cycle Battle

Garret and his opponent (played by Ian) were on rolling chairs as the crew pushes the guy to crash into Garret. The crew then spins Garret around before he pushes him towards the guy to have Garret punch him in the face. The director, Joseph Kosinski, tells them to hit the guy with the boulder. The crew hits the guy with a pillow, which causes him to fall out. Joseph congratulates the guys, but then realizes that the guy that was hit isn't moving. One of the crew said that Jeff Bridges put rocks in the pillow. Joseph yells, "DAMN IT JEFF BRIDGES! NO MORE PRANKS!"

Make Out Scene

Garret was making out was a green blow up doll, when he puts it down and angrily asks, "Why couldn't we just get a real girl for this scene!?"

Sam Saves Quorra From a Cage

Olivia bangs on an invisible wall to make it looks like she's trapped and tells Garret to use the Identity Disk to save her. But as soon as Garret takes the identity disk out, a note reading "I LIEK MEN" was taped on it, causing everyone, including Olivia, to laugh. Garret shouts, "DAMN IT JEFF BRIDGES! THOSE PICTURES OF ADAM LAMBERT AND ME WERE PHOTOSHOPPED!" before he runs off crying, while Olivia says while laughing, "You're gay!"

Sam Reunites With His Father

Garret says "Dad?" as he turns Jeff around, but Jeff has a green screen on his face with a ^_^ face on it. Garret asks, "What the hell is this!?" as Joseph yells ,"CUT! WHAT THE HELL JEFF BRIDGES!?" Jeff says that he has herpes on his lip and says that they can use the "computer magic" to make him look pretty. Garret asks about the face, in which Jeff says that it added character.

Sex Scene

Garret was getting intimate with the same green blow up doll, when he gets up and yells, "A F***ING BLOW UP DOLL!? THIS IS STUPID! I QUIT!" Garret runs off, with the boom operator following him. Garret then yells, "GET THE F*** AWAY FROM ME!"

Sam Drinks A Milkshake (Deleted Scene)

Garret drinks a milkshake with one hand, but Joseph says that TRON Milkshakes are bigger. Garret holds a bigger milkshake with two hands, but Joseph still wants it bigger. Garret holds a bigger milkshake like he was about to give a hug and asked if it was good enough; Joseph said that it was perfect.




  • The girl who played as Olivia Wilde (or Quorra) is named Ellen, who was one of the girls who auditioned for the host of Smosh Pit Weekly.
  • The way the TRON: Legacy was filmed here is completely inaccurate compared to the real-life version of filming. In real life, the costumes were glowing because a special fabric was laced into the costumes and had a small O on the back for the Identity Disc to hang, was filmed in a room of Blue Screen and also made use of physical sets
  • Garret (Sam/Anthony) and Olivia (Quorra/Ellen)'s blue spandex are the same suits used in Unitarded, My Mom's AMAZING Video!, a scene in If Movies Were Real, two episodes of Ian is Bored, and dyed black with extra arms in MANSPIDER!
  • Instead of using a real toy of the Identity Disc, they used a frisbee

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Shut Up! Opening

"I wish real life was in 3D, just like the movies! SHUT UP!"



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