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October 24, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Peter, Chinese scientist, hot scientist

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THE DITTO - Movie Trailer is a Smosh video uploaded on October 7th, 2011


THE DITTO - Movie Trailer is a movie trailer for THE DITTO a mixup of Pokemon and The Thing with the original monster from the movie replaced with Ditto from Pokemon (Ian's favorite Pokemon).

The Trailer

The trailer begins with Ian telling Anthony about a discovery of a creature discovered inside ice in Antarctica telling Anthony that it's been frozen for over 100,000 years. After a popsicle joke, it cuts to Ian and his fellow researchers as Ian is about to take a tissue sample from the creature. Anthony asks if he sure that's a good idea which Ian replies "nope" before drilling into the ice.

Then it cuts to Ian congratulating his friends on the new discovery and saying that it is going to make them very rich and famous. The Asian researcher said that he's going to spend all his money to learn how to speak English (with subtitles even though he's speaking fluent English). After that scene, it cuts to the block of ice that once held the creature they discovered, but it has melted.Then Ian hears a loud noise and asks if anyone else heard it. Anthony says that he heard it too and tells Ian that he should go check it out by himself, without bringing a weapon but instead bringing only a flashlight. Ian enters a seperate room and asks if anyone is there. A pink blob passes by behind him which startles Ian. Unable to see the creature, he begins to get nervous as he hears it pass behind him before he can turn around. Then the creature, Ditto (which is a pink blob) attacks Ian from behind.

After a close up at Ian screaming, it cuts to Anthony and the rest of the researchers discussing the situation. Anthony says that someone was attacked the night before and that either one of them healed themselves with a hyper potion or one of them was an imposter. The next scene shows Peter holding a gun and panicking, scared at the possibility that anyone could be an imposter (himself included).

Then it cuts to Anthony and Peter talking on a couch. He tells Anthony that Ian is behaving strangely, suggesting that he is the imposter. Anthony doesn't believe this and asks Ditto (disguised as Ian) what his favourite pokemon is. Luckily for Ditto, Ian's favourite pokemon happens to be Ditto (which is all Ditto can say). Then it cuts to the Asian researcher being attacked by Ditto with Anthony talking over the normal sound. Then it cuts to Peter armed with a bat, but the bat is Ditto in disguise. He is then hit several times on the head with the bat but to the onlooker, he looks like he is hitting himself. Then the title is shown with zooming text, over a black screen. After the title, Anthony is shown wounded and holding a gun while defending a girl researcher. Anthony tells her that he thinks she's "hot". But it turns out that the girl is Ditto in disguise again. But Anthony instead thinks that Ditto said that he was also "hot" to which Anthony replied, "Sweet, I knew there was going to be a sex scene in this movie!" before the screen turns pink with Ditto saying "DITTO!".


THE DITTO - Movie Trailer/Script



  • One of the researchers is Peter Peter
  • In the beginning, there is the rating for the movie where many outrageous things can be seen, including the website "", which notes that whenever there's a hidden gem in a thing from Smosh, they hide stuff that you need to pause the video to read.
    • It also said "The Motion Picture Association of Antarctica" instead of "The Motion Picture Association of America"
    • The movie was rated 'R' - due to images of nude pokemon and really fake blood, but it is also mentioned in small text that the movie is actually rated 'G' but they wanted the movie to seem as cool and edgy.
  • The 3D model used for the Ditto was rendered and animated by CorridorDigital
  • This video counts as Smosh's first spoof of The Thing, and seventh spoof of Pokemon
  • In the hot chocolate scene, Ian's mug has a PAC-MAN game board on it
  • During one scene, where Peter is hitting himself with a bat in the head (Which he thought was Ditto), the Girl and Anthony are eating Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn
  • It is revealed in this episode that Ian Hecox's favorite Pokemon is Ditto
    • Although this may be false as he said it having been taken over by the Ditto
  • When the Asian scientist is getting killed by Ditto, he screams like a woman.

Subscription Ending

Ian: Thanks for subscribing and if you-

Ditto: DITTO!

Ian: H-hey there little guy! Wait, wait what are you...

Ditto: DITTO!


Shut Up! Opening

The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie. SHUT UP!



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