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September 7, 2012 (Smosh)
September 9, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, girls, construction worker, Ian's Mom

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THAT'S HOT! is a Smosh video uploaded on September 7, 2012.


Ian and Anthony reminisce about their first day of high school, where they wear hot outfits to impress the ladies.


Ian calls Anthony over to show him a video on YouTube. However, the two grow annoyed when a Back to School ad starts to play before the video. Anthony says that the commercials still freak him out even after they graduated from school. Ian asks Anthony if he remembered their first day of high school. Anthony barely remembers, but Ian remembers clearly before going to a flashback to the year 2002, where they had their first day in high school.

In 2002, a younger Ian answers the door to greet a younger Anthony in 60s clothes and an afro, telling him that they're going to be late for school. Anthony says that his outfit is "uber trendy and cool," only to admit that he doesn't want to look like a complete loser like he was in middle school. Ian agrees before showing off his new leather shorts, causing Anthony to laugh. Ian argues that leather is "super in style" according to his mom's magazines. Ian tells Anthony that he has to go to get his sack lunch, but Anthony tells him that he's going to high school, not preschool. However, Ian then argues that he meant to say his new fanny pack lunch. Anthony says that it's "the bomb."

Ian goes into the kitchen and asks about his sack lunch. His mom tells him that he's in high school, not preschool. Ian then yells at his mom to make him lunch before admitting that he still doesn't know how to use the microwave. Ian's mom was about to say what Ian does in the microwave before cutting her off and telling her to make lunch. Ian's mom takes out a Hot Pocket, throws it in the microwave, kicks the door closed and turns on the microwave.

Ian leaves the house with the Hot Pocket inside his fanny pack lunch. Anthony comments it's hot and touches the fanny pack, but Ian slaps his hand away. Ian says that his leather shorts are hot. The two start rapping on their way to school when two girls come up and says that Ian is "so irresistibly hot." One of the girls asks for a picture. She gives Anthony her cell phone and Anthony takes a picture of Ian and the girls. The girls run off, happy while Ian brags how awesome his leather shorts are.

On the way to school, Anthony complains that he forgot his PE outfit when two construction workers says that Ian is hot. Ian is creeped out by the worker's comment when one of them says that it's "the hottest thing I've seen all week." Anthony complains that people think Ian's leather's shorts are cool when Anthony's outfit is "uber cool." Ian tells Anthony to stop using Uber, as it isn't a popular word, but Anthony argues that it's better than Ian's word, Swag. Ian argues that the word will be huge once annoying pop stars start using it.

The boys turn around to see the hottest girl in their class Rachel Carver. Anthony asks how she looks like a freshman when she looks like she's 24 when Ian tells him to shut up. Rachel says that Ian's shorts are hot. Ian tries to talk to her, but Rachel suddenly asks if she can have it. Ian is surprised, but Anthony vigorously nods his head. However, Rachel zip open Ian's fanny pack lunch and takes a bite out of the Hot Pocket. She comments on how the Hot Pocket is still hot before leaving with Ian's lunch. Anthony laughs at the revelation that everyone thought Ian's Hot Pocket was hot, not his leather shorts. Ian runs off to Rachel and says that he has more Hot Pockets at home. Rachel says yes and the two happily skip towards Ian's house.

Back at the present, Anthony says that it didn't happen that way and that he remembers what really happened after Rachel at Ian's Hot Pocket. Flashback to 2002 after Rachel leaves, the two construction workers from before start laughing at Ian's leather shorts. Ian turns around and sees that the two girls who took a picture are also laughing at Ian's shorts. He then sees Rachel and even his own mom laughing at his leather shorts. Ian starts to run off crying, but his mom pushes him to the ground. Anthony joins in on laughing at Ian as he lays there crying.

Back at the present, Anthony comments how it was the best first day of school ever, where Ian yells how much he hates Anthony. However, the video finally loads and the two watch it. The video "THE CUTEST CAT EVER" is just Ian playing as a cat. Anthony comments how creepy it was, but Ian yells that he worked hard on it before running off crying.

Then some messages about the past versions of themselves are shown:

  • Ian continues to think leather is cool and sleeps in a leather unitard.
  • Anthony's afro burned off in a fire and got stuck with an emo hair transplant.
  • Rachel Carver now looks 34... and she is still in high school.
  • These guys adopted 5 children and named them all Robert. Even the girls.


Ian starts to pretend he is a kitty while also scratching and licking himself. Ian also wants to play with yarn thinking he's a cat. He also was trying to scratch the camera thinking he is a cat. Ian also likes being a kitty. The camera starts to come closer to Ian's nose when they slowed down Ian's meow while making it sound beastly.


THAT'S HOT!/Script


  • The video was made to promote Hot Pockets.
  • "Ianthecutecat" and "THE CUTEST CAT EVER" video really exist on YouTube
  • One of the constructors is the same black guy in HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER.
  • Ianthecutecat channel in the video had 8 videos, but in the real life channel it has 1 video.
    • Also the "THE CUTEST CAT EVER" had music in the video, but in the real video it doesn't.
    • Also in the video, it was 1:25 mins long. In the real video it is 0:41 secs.
    • Also in the video it had 3 views.
    • Also in the video it said it was uploaded on August 31, 2012, but it was really uploaded on September 6, 2012.
  • This is the only video where Ian's mom is potrayed by someone else, not including Smosh: The Movie. In a comment Smosh made, the actress portraying Ian's mom in this video is the most resembling of what Ian's mom looked like when Ian and Anthony started high school.
  • When Ian runs off crying at the end of the episode, you can see the tail from his cat costume.
  • At the end, it says that Anthony is stuck with emo hair transplant, but he's obviously not.

Shut Up! Opening

"Man, I'm so scared of Freshman Friday! SHUT UP!"

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"Hey, thanks for subscribing guys! Uh, you think my leather shorts are cool, right? *crickets* SHUT UP! *crying*"



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