Teens in the Wild


November 4, 2011

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George Zazz, his ex-wife, Jacob and his friends, a police man

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TEENS IN THE WILD! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 4th, 2011. At the moment it has over 16.9 million views.

Breif Synopsis: Teenagers are indeed a complex subspecies of homo-sapien and George Zazz is there to observe.



George Zazz (played by Ian Hecox) peeks out of a bush, observing his son Jacob (played by Anthony Padilla) and his group of friends, describing them as "the common teenager, an odd subspecies of homo-sapien." He explains that after he was fired from his day-job at the petting zoo, that he devoted his entire life to observing "these puzzling creatures." George says that teenagers "steal our resources, destroy our natural wildlands, and they consume all of our precious food." This sponsers "Teens in the Wild with George Zazz, Wildreness Expert".

Observation & Experimenting

George is shown hiding behind a plant in a living room observing Jacob and his friends watching TV, when Jacob spots his dad and asks what he's doing. George flees the living room in a frenzied hurry, while Jacob just stares, confused. Later, Jacob and his friends were playing video games when George, hiding behind a plant, says that he has to capture one alive to study it's behavior. However, Jacob spots George again and tells him that his mom says that George can't be there anymore.

George sets up a trap consisting of a mesh fence cage with a plate of Hot Pocket Snackers. George says that he discovered that most teenagers are attracted to microwavable foods. The smell lures one of Jacob's friends into the trap. George calls Jacob's friend as a subspecies of teenager called "The High School Drop-out," who is characterized by low IQ and limited understanding of the English language and grammar. George then plays Smooth Jazz for the High School Drop-out to test his reaction. At first, the High School Drop-out was unfazed, he later drops to the ground & writhes in pain when George starts dancing. This video sponsors "Teens in the Wild with George Zazz, Professional Jazz Dancer".

George then catches Jacob (or Bryce as he calls him). Jacob says that his name isn't Bryce and tells him to "stop using that crappy accent." George then tries to subject Jacob to "something that is very feared in the teenage community: homework." At first, Jacob was scared, but George calms him down by luring him closer using Hot Pocket Snackers before dropping sheets of Geometry homework on him, saying that teenagers are "extremely agitated by math homework."

Bonus Scene #1

George tells the audience that another part of wild teenager interactions is to pass through the language barrier. For example, dope means a-okay, fresh means neat, Yo bro, you're a lame-o. means Maybe we should try a different form of communication., and I hope you drop dead, old man. means I can't really talk right now dad. I'm on the phone, but come back later and we may have a chance to bond.

Deleted Clip

George poked Jacob's friend while captured with a branch and says that it reacts to pain stimulate.

Bonus Scene #2

George tells the audience that if you interact with a wild teenager do these follow steps.

1: Don't make eye contact or they'll sense your fear and attack mercurously. While the boys (excluding George) were playing a card game, one of Jacob's friend tells George if he has any napkins. George gave them the napkins and run off fearfully.

2: If you get caught in a stare down, toss them a new gaming system (George tossed a Nintendo 64 with the Legend of Zelda Ocriana of Time game) and run off.

3: Never talk about music of pop culture. George told the boys about Lady Gaga and that she was a man, but got scared by the boys who were fierece.


At that moment, the door opens and George's ex-wife yells at him, saying that this is why she left him in the first place. George flees the house saying that "this sub-species of homo-sapiens will take half of everything you own and make your life a living hell." George says that she possibly called the police and he needs to lay low for a couple of weeks. However, George gets arrested outside the house and the police man lets George handcuff himself. The police takes George to his car while George concludes his documentary saying, "Join me next week, when I encounter the Caged Inmate species and find out what happens when I drop a bar of soap" in an episode called, "Cellmates in the shower with George Zazz, Shower Floor Inspector".




  • There was an advertisement for Hot Pocket Snacks on YouTube next to this video up until December 2011, showing that this video was sponsored by Hot Pocket Snacks.
  • When George Zazz exits the garage of the house, The Wheelchair, Mankey's Carcass, and Barbershop Pole are seen to the left of George.
  • Normally Sgt. Anous would appear but because Ian is already playing a character in the scene, Anthony must come in as a diferent cop instead, possibly as Sergeant Faraday from Grammar Police.
  • When George Zazz was about to give the Hot Pockets to Jacob, you can clearly see that there was paper (the geometry homework) clipped on his back.
  • The newest video game console at that time was the 3DS while also having Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D as a game.
  • George Zazz is a parody of David Attenborough.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! Whoops! I just dropped the soap."

Shut Up! Opening

"Crikey! Look at the size of that one! SHUT UP!"




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