Lunchtime 88
Surprise Slapped!
 is the 88th installment of the IanH show Lunchtime with Smosh.

Lunchtime Events


Ian holds the camera zoomed in fairly close to him and in a dramatic voice, he makes eye contact with the viewers and greets them and tells them they are watching Lunchtime With Smosh. The animation then rolls.

Driving to lunch

The camera trained on the traffic on the left, Ian in an altered, crazy voice assigns traits in first person to the Hummer drivers passing, most having "small penises". Anthony believes they were actually military vehicles. The mood turns serious and they decide to keep what they are getting a secret since the viewers will be watching, anyway. Ian then lightens the mood once more and when they get to the restaurant, Ian sings the colors of the place in a very deep voice, although he may have altered his voice while editing the video.

In the drive-thru

Ian sarcastically highlights the fact that a restaurant having a drive-through means food. While at the window, Anthony suggests they should go to every single fast food place, order a bunch of food and leave without paying, in order to keep the staff fed, a concept which Ian eventually understands.