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Super Smosh is a cartoon that aired on Shut Up! Cartoons July 24, 2015. As of November 2016, it is the only series releasing new episodes on the channel.


Description Edit

SUPER SMOSH IS HERE! When a couple of mean bullies are inflicting pain on a nerd’s testicles, Anthony and Ian must put their new super powers to the test!

Ian and Anthony can harness the power of any video game they own - and they might just be the key to saving the planet with a flying, English-accented robot named Marley helping them along the way.

Main Characters Edit

Ian (Super Ian) Edit

  • (Street Fighter) Sonic Boom
  • (Mario) Statue Mario
  • (Mario) Brick Smashing
  • (RPG) Role-Playing Game
  • (Fallout) Plasma Pistol
  • (Pokémon) Ianmon
  • (Mario) Warp Pipe
  • (Lego) Brick People
  • (Street Fighter) Hadoken

Anthony (Super Anthony) Edit

  • (Mortal Kombat) Get Over Here
  • (Mario) Fire Mario
  • (Link) Vase Smashing
  • (Goat Simulator) Climbing
  • (Sonic) Spin Dash
  • (Pac-Man) Power Pellet
  • (Fallout) Plasma Pistol
  • (Pokémon) Anthonymon
  • (Mega Man) Mega Buster Charge Shot
  • (Portal) Portal Gun
  • (Lego) Brick People
  • (Link) Time Travel

Marley (voiced by Chris Bennett) Edit

A round flying robot that helps them out. He is white with gray arms and a blue rectangle in the middle of his body where his eyes and mouth are. He speaks in an English accent.

Shut Up! Openings Edit

After every saying, Ian says, "SHUT UP!" followed by Ian and Anthony saying "Cartoons".

Trivia Edit

  • Super Smosh was created by Chris Bennett (who created the Alfred and Poe on Shut Up! Cartoons and built the Christmas celebrations of the Smosh channel in 2014's "Christmas Apocalypse"), although the two characters were created by Ian and Anthony.

List of Episodes Edit

# Name Length Released
1 Power Up! 5:55 July 24, 2015
2 Monkey Dong 4:45 August 7, 2015
3 You Got the Glitch 4:10 August 21, 2015
4 Press Start My Heart 4:24 September 4, 2015
5 Save the Arcade 4:46 September 18, 2015
6 Smoshémon 4:24 October 2, 2015
7 Robot Zombie Dinosaur Deathmatch 5:00 October 16, 2015
8 Nintendoggy-Style 4:46 October 30, 2015
9 Plego 4:16 November 13, 2015
10 Fart Sox 3:13 November 27, 2015
11 The Nintega - Part 1 6:22 December 11, 2015
12 The Nintega - Part 2 5:52 December 25, 2015

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