Super Smash Bros Wannabees is the first episode in the SmoshGames show PVP. The topic for this episode being "Who should be in future Smash Bros. Games?" and "Who would kick whose buttocks?"

Round 1

Liquid Snake (Lasercorn) vs. Bubble Bobble (Sohinki)

Liquid Snake

  1. He's a total badass. ( Like Solid Snake but with the opposite genes)
  2. He has a Metal Gear REX in his arsenal that could potentially be used as a final smash.
  3. Baby dragons would be easy prey for him.
  • A REX wouldn't fit inside a bubble.
  • Liquid Snake has a plethora of allies he can use as backup.

Bubble Bobble

  1. As shown in Game of Thrones, Baby dragons are formidable beasts.
  2. With the use of the mechanics and logic of Bubble Bobble, they could trap the REX in a giant bubble and simply pop it to vanish the Metal Gear.
  3. The dragons have a nutrutious diet allowing them to grow to their full potential.
  • Bubble Bobble has backup too, another Bubble Bobble
  • With the combination of the two, they can capture their opponents in super bubbles.

Round 2

Battletoads (Jovenshire) vs. Dr. Robotnik (Sohinki)

Dr. Robotnik

  1. As a doctor, he is intelligent and thus capable of making complex robots.
  2. He specializes in imprisoning woodland creatures.
  • Being comfortable with his argument, Sohinki states that he would like to see every one of these characters included.


  1. Robotnik is regularly beaten by a woodland creature.
  2. Each of the battletoads are expert combatants on their own
  • 1 Dr. versus potentially all three battletoads, if they use a similar mechanic to the Pokemon, would leave Robotnik overwhelmed.
  • Though, with only one, they can still whoop him with their martial arts knowledge.

Round 3

Pac-Man (Jovenshire) vs. Bomberman (Lasercorn)


  1. He has proven he can work in a fighting game.
  2. As his final smash, he can transport them into his 2d world, chase them down, and eat his competition.
  • Pacman can digest supernatural beings perfectly well.
  • Pacman can move at significant speed and maneuver faster than the Bombs could be placed.


  1. Pacman would probably run straight into a bomb, swallow it, and explode.
  • Those dark ghosts are likely a hallucination caused by the pills he picks up.
  • Bomberman can have a final smash where he pumps up a bomb and destroys everything.