Super Sexy Fan Fiction is the fifty-third installment in the SmoshGames series I Have a Raging Bonus. It was released on September 29, 2013. In this episode, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the channel, the SmoshGames crew read an explicit fanfiction about themselves.


After thanking the fans for their support, Anthony and Ian explain that they have found a fanfiction based on the Joven Gets Waxed episode, and the SmoshGames crew will read it, with Sohinki narrating in a British accent. Jovenshire notes that none of them – except for Anthony and Ian – have seen it before.

They begin to read the fanfiction, which becomes increasingly explicit, and by the end, most of the crew are in hysterics. They then critique the piece, and Sohinki says that "this is the first and last fanfiction I'll ever read", but Ian suggests, "Next year, we'll read one that's even worse." They thank the fans once again, and Anthony jokingly encourages them to write more fanfiction. Lasercorn suggests it would be cool if someone did a flash animation to the fan fiction reading.


"The Wax Job" begins with Joven enduring the stinging effects of being waxed. He declares that getting waxed was a terrible idea. Mari begins offering lotion to soothe his skin, and for some time, it seems Mari and Joven will begin participating in sexual antics (which the real-life Joven jokingly pumps his fist at). Joven gets cream rubbed into where he was waxed, and the Smosh Games crew begin kissing him, massaging him and touching him in different ways, as well as kissing and touching each other. The most explicit part of the story involves Joven's physical reaction to a sexual massage (rendering the non-fictionalized Smosh crew in raging hysterics). After this, the pain is gone, Joven kisses as many of them as possible and it is clear the six of them share a transcending, strange love for each other.