Super Powers!
Super Powers


May 28, 2010 (Smosh)
March 28, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Hot Chick, a dog

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Super Powers! is a Smosh video uploaded on May 28. 2010.



Ian and Anthony were discussing what kind of super powers would they have. Ian suggests the power to fly, but Anthony asks why. Ian says that flying would be awesome, but Anthony points out how terrible it would be if Ian were wearing a kilt, everyone would see his junk when flying. Ian asks what power Anthony choose, so Anthony says X-Ray Vision.

X-Ray Vision

A girl is talking on the phone and Anthony pops out of the bushes, being aroused. He comments on how hot the girl is as he uses his X-Ray vision to view the girl's skeleton. Ian says that it's dumb and asks about the ability to shrink yourself.

Shrinking Ability

Ian has already shrunk and is excited, but then asks why where he is looks familiar. Ian looks up and screams as he is crushed by the catalog from Food Battle 2009, where Anthony picks the toothbrush. Anthony then asks about the ability to read minds.

Mind Reading

Anthony was using the Shake Weight when Ian thinks, "Oh my god, that looks so wrong..." getting Anthony disgusted. Outside, they watch a girl lick a popsicle in a sexual manner. Anthony looks at Ian when he sees that he has no thoughts about it. Ian asks about the ability to know if a movie is crappy just by looking at its cover.

The Ability to Know if a Movie's Crappy Just By Looking at its Cover

Anthony tells Ian that he got the new Speed Racer movie but Ian slaps it out of Anthony's hands shouting, "NO!!! GOD!! NO GOD, PLEASE NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Ian then asks about the ability to pee standing up. Anthony points out that guys and some girls can already do that. Ian says that he's joking and he has done that since he was 14 years old. Anthony asks about the ability to hear dog's thoughts.

Hearing Dog's Thoughts

Anthony was eating a hot dog in front of a dog. Anthony can hear the dog saying, "Give me the hot dog!" Over and over again. Anthony ignores the dog until he says, "JUST GIVE ME THE GOD DAMN HOT DOG!" getting Anthony surprised. Anthony asks about the ability to turn into water.

Water Morphing

Ian finds a glass of water and starts to drink it, but Anthony's voice can be heard saying, "NOOOOOO!!!" the camera reveals that Anthony was standing nearby and he shouts, "That's my water!" Ian then asks about a Supersonic Screeching Scream.

Supersonic Screeching Scream

Anthony is standing far away holding several objects. He is far enough not to be able to hear him at all. That is until Ian suddenly pops up close to the camera and screams really loud.

Deleted: Invisibility

Anthony goes invisible so that he can go into the women's restroom & hide in the trash can without getting caught, but he throws up in his hiding spot after witnessing a man using it.


Ian admits that those powers would suck. Anthony then asks about "the ability to detect when your friend's feeling really awkward because you've been sitting on his lap the entire time." Ian asks why would anyone need that power when it is revealed that not only Ian is sitting on Anthony's lap, but he's also wearing a kilt. Ian gets up and starts to fly. Ian's junk starts to be in Anthony's view as Ian flies, getting him disgusted.

Extended Ending

Anthony asks if he really had to do wear the kilt (not mentioned). Ian asked, "What?" Anthony just told him to never mind about it and fly away; so Ian just flies away.


  • The thumbnail is different on and YouTube.
    • On, the thumbnail has Ian screaming light with Anthony standing next to him.
    • On YouTube, the thumbnail is the one with the popsicle girl and Ian screaming light.
  • When Ian then asks about the ability to pee standing up, it possibly reveals that Ian sometimes portrayed never did pee standing up, the same thing happened in "MY BATHROOM SECRET" when Anthony caught Ian pee sitting and "Kid Craps Himself in Drift Car!" when Anthony didn't know that Ian's peeing in the back side of Ian's pants. Sometimes Ian can do it in "2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM" and "DRINK YOUR P!SS".
  • Ian's yell in the "Ability to Know If a Movie's Crappy Just By Looking At It's Cover" scene was based on a scene in The Office with Michael Scott.
  • In the Shrinking Ability clip, when Ian gets hit with the book, the clip is from Food Battle 2009.
  • The Mind Reading scene returns in I Can Hear Your Thoughts, a 2014 video.


Super Powers!/SCRIPT

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! And give me a hot dog!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Batman is not even a real super hero, he just has lots of money! SHUT UP!"



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