Super Head Esploder-X is a Smosh mobile game available on the App Store for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. The Smosh video Most Violent Game Ever!? promoted the app on its release date and it has been played on Smosh Games.

Super head esploder-x

Super Head Esploder-X

The latest update was released August 22, 2016.

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Power Ups



The rock is a very basic weapon. It is the starting weapon of the game and can be collected again. It is also the weakest item in the game next to the red bullet.


The boomerang is thrown at an arc, always downward before coming back to the player. This is good for getting heads that might be above or below. You can also move vertically quick enough for the boomerang to fly past you to get some heads from behind you, but there is little practicality for doing this.

Red Bullet

The red bullet is quick firing, but at the cost of some power. The amount of hits to take down a non-head enemy will be doubled.


The missile has high power and homes in on any incoming heads, but fires at a slow rate. It kills non-head enemies like the UFOs and Ian & Anthony heads in one shot.

Laser Beam

The laser shoots in a horizontal line, killing anything in its path. If it hits an enemy, the laser will then split and reflect in several random directions, killing everything in its path. Useful for a large cluster of enemies and deflecting the laser from Happy Cows and your enemies.

Frag Grenade

The grenade is lobbed up and falls down. The grenade has a very small radius, meaning it will only destroy 2 things simultaneously  if they are right next to each other, like a flamingo flying next to a head. These grenades are more powerful than missles.

Black Bomb

The Black Bomb is lobbed up very high – higher than the frag grenade. It is the strongest weapon in the game, but not recommended to keep very long as its long arched throw may cause you to die from an Ian/Anthony head or missed head that you can't get with the bomb.

Gold Bullet

The gold bullet is available at Level Infinity and the Survival Levels. The gold bullet is just as weak as the red bullet, but these fire extremely fast, allowing you to hit a lot more enemies.


Rainbow Lollipop

The Rainbow Lollipop gives a 2x coin multiplier, doubling the amount of coins you collect.

Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut

The Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut gives you a 5x coin multiplier, giving you five times the coins you collect.

10x Coin Multiplier

Once you collect both the Rainbow Lollipop and the Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut in a single life, the multiplier you have for one of those items will be upgraded to a 10x multiplier, getting ten times the coins for each coin you collect.

Red Hot Chili Pepper

The Red Hot Chili Pepper puts you in a bubble, allowing you to survive one hit without losing a life. A new update now features the option to add a "Shield Boost" power up to strengthen your bubble for 1,000 coins.


These give you an extra life. These cannot be collected in the game. You start out with three hearts, but you can buy up to five hearts in exchange for 2,000 coins each in the title screen or the pause screen. If you run out of lives, you can also buy one heart at the game over screen to revive yourself.

Nuclear Bombs

These destroy every enemy onscreen. These cannot be collected in the game. You start out with one bomb, but you can buy up to three bombs in exchange for 2,000 coins each in the title screen or the pause screen.

Fast Pass

This is more of an option, but in the beginning of each level, you get the option to start off on a further point in the game. Level 2 & 3 are automatically unlocked, while you have to reach Level 4, 5 and Infinity to unlock them. You can get a pass for every level you unlock in exchange for 2,000 coins.


In a newer update, while this is not a collectible item, you get up to three stars depending on your performance in each level. At the end of each level, you will be evaluated by a ranking of three stars, which is determined by how many enemies you've killed and coins you've collected. Zero stars is the lowest score, meaning that you did not kill many enemies and you've collected very little coins. The highest rating, three stars, will be given if you have collected most of the level's coins and killed most of the level's enemies. The ratings have taglines underneath them such as "Meh..", "Weak Sauce!", "Fancy Pantz!" and "Firetruckin' Awesome!"



Heads are the basic enemy of the game. The heads will do nothing to kill you other than by touching them. You can take pictures of people and they'll show up in the game as heads.

Ian and Anthony Heads

Ian and Anthony heads take longer to kill, becoming red when they're almost dead. These take two or three hits to kill depending on what weapon you use. Before the newer update, Ian and Anthony heads would always line up with the player, moving up and down in their direction.

Pink Flamingos

The pink flamingos fly in a straight line, also killing you by only touching them. If your firepower is weakened however, the flamingos will fly downwards.


UFOs fly up and down, firing shots at the player. These take two hits to kill.

Happy Cows

Introduced in Level 3, Happy Cows fly in a straight line and fire laser beams out of their eyes horizontally, killing anything in the laser's path, including heads.

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

Introduced in level 4, Charlie in a hamster ball will spew out censored swear words.

Boxman Heads

Introduced in level 4, Boxman heads shoot rockets at a slow rate. After a few hits the box will pop off and one of the game's programmed heads will be inside it. The programmed heads will alternate randomly.

Teleporting Fat Guy Heads

Introduced at the end of level 4, The TFG head will teleport and shoot 2 rockets then teleport again. The helmet breaks when they're almost dead, preventing them from firing missles.


Notes: Some of the level descriptions may contain tips on each level. These tips are subjective and may or may not work with everyone.

Level 1

The starting level in the game, the scrolling starts out slow and at first, there's not a lot of heads, as they are in very small numbers in the beginning and scattered everywhere. This is the easiest level to get three stars in.

Level 2

The heads start to take on some formations to block the player. Towards the end, you will come across a large cluster of heads that you may or may not take out with your weapon alone and you are most likely going to use a nuclear bomb to clear the screen. Already, this will be difficult to get three stars for the rest of the level.

Level 3

The heads take on more formations and some of them require to kill some of the heads that make up the formation  to get through (such as the head formation forming the word SMOSH). The heads will also start moving up and down. You will find a lot of red hot chili pepper in order to survive the constant laser fire from the Happy Cows

Level 4

The heads then start to scroll faster than the screen and Charlie will only make matters worse by cluttering the screen with his swear words. 

Level 5

The scrolling gets notably faster as you will come across large clusters of heads that you may or may not take out with any weapon alone. By this point, you should have enough coins to buy some more nuclear bombs if you had used it all up back in the earlier levels. You should also save some coins as it is very likely that you will lose a lot of lives.

Level Infinity

The last level of the game. As the title suggests, there is no end to this level and the screen will be scrolling is at its fastest. This is the point in the game that will test how much longer will you last until you lose all your lives and you run out of coins to get extra lives.

Survival Levels

Note: These levels are included in the newest update. Along with the game's soundboard


The first Survival Level of the game, as the announcement at the beginning says, the heads are now "Super Heads" and move in different directions and take multiple hits to kill. Only three weapons are available in this level, the Gold Bullet, Red Bullet, and Laser. After you've gone through the level once it will loop.


Another Survival Level in the game. Now the heads move in one by one, then fly out in either an up or down direction, followed by other heads and enemies in the way. The weapons available in this level are the Gold Bullet and Bomb. This level also loops at the end.


Dino is the second survival level. Heads start out in random formations, after some time the heads will move around as well. In the ground, fossils of the Smosh Symbol, Boxman, and Benny Jean's flamingo are seen.


In this survival level, no heads appear except the UFOs. You start out with the Gold Bullet, then follow along with sections broken up by weapon boxes appearing at certain points in the game such as the Missile, Grenade, Bomb, Laser, Boomerang, Red Bullet, and Rock. After you pass through the weapon boxes, an area full of Rainbow Lollipops or Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts approaches you. After you pass through the lollipops or donuts, you shortly get the Gold Bullet back, looping the level. Constellations of Ian and Anthony's faces are seen in the background.



  • A very early reference or version of the game could possibly be Super Head Esploder 5, a game that Ian plays in Anthony is Mexican.
  • The game has been played on Smosh Games, and was seen on Ian's TV in My Friend's Hot Sister
  • The game is rarely updated and it is unlikely more updates will be released.