Subsitute Teacher
Oishi High School Battle 2


July 20, 2012

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Oishi High School Battle



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Oishi, Noodles, Principal Dave, N'Garloth-29, other students

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Substitute Teacher is the second episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Oishi High School Battle. It was uploaded on July 20, 2012.

Breif Synopsis: Oishi knows her new subsitute teacher is the evil demon N'Garloth-29, but Principal Dave won't believe her, thinking she's racist against Dutch people.


Oishi, Noodles, and the other classmates were waiting at chemistry class for Mr. Crawford. When Principal Dave came into the classroom, Oishi and another female acted like they were in love with him and said that Mr. Crawford isn't in the school and to treat the substitute teacher, N'Garloth-29, with the upmost respect. When she came into the classroom, Principal Dave thought that N'Garloth-29's name was strange in which she told him it was Dutch. Principal Dave thought it was fine even though Oishi felt something strange. She greeted the students even thought Oishi felt something strange about her. When N'Garlith-29 ask the students to turn their textbooks to where they were and for Oishi to slam herself into barbecue sauce, she still felt weird about N'Garloth-29.

At the principal's office, Oishi says to Dave that N'Garloth-29 isn't from here which Dave agreed thinking she's Dutch. Oishi tried to correct him saying that she is from a part of hell where demons are afraid to go, but Dave thinks she isn't a demon since her contact says, "NOT A DEMON!" in red. Oishi didn't like it, but Dave thought Oishi should treat get along with the sub for the rest of the week.

In the classroom, N'Garloth-29 think the best tasty humans are Mexican. Oishi didn't like her planning or the student next trying to her putting barbecue sauce on her for an extra credit. N'Garloth-29 asked the students who killed Abraham Lincoln and the person who answers wrong goes into a cocoon full of acid where (s)he turns into liquid for N'Garloth-29 to consume. Even though she picked Oishi to answer, a student next to the person behind her said "John Wilkes Booth," which is the correct answer. Even though he got the answer right, N'Garloth-29 force him to go into the cocoon because as long as the person answers the question they have to go in. When he went into the cocoon, the classmates see blood coming out of it.

Back at the office, Oishi tells Dave that the demon has consume the soul fluids of half the class and is preparing a army of zombie students for a final adult while Dave just consumes on a healthy beverage which the ingredients are caffeine and ape straps. Dave thought that Oishi was getting that information from her parents or T.V. and hasn't really gotten used to her. Oishi was about to show Dave what N'Garloth-29 has done, but Dave wanted Oishi to treat her with the proper respect.

Back at the classroom, Oishi sees that every classmate is a zombie and N'Garloth-29 wanted Oishi to give up by suffering the students, but Oishi demanded enough and Oshe wanted to battle the demon. Oishi started to kill the zombies that N'Garloth-29 has created from the students with two kunais and starts to battle the demon. When Oishi cutted off Garloth's right head, it grew back and took a bite on Oishi's arm. Oishi counterattacked with a kick a shoved the kunais in the Demon's breast, but the weapons were built into the breasts and she trapped Oishi with her tail. Oishi told Noodles to use his attack which is his cuteness. N'Garloth-29 wanted to pet Noodles and she touched his forehead which Noodles took her soul and set Oishi free. When Principal Dave came to check in with the students; he saw the classroom filled with fire, a giant creature knocking over the ceiling, and a student zombie that wants to kill herself; he thought N'Garloth-29 was a freaking Dutch.


  • Principal Dave regards the Danish rather than the Dutch
  • Coincidentally, this week's Krogzilla episode, which was released the day before, had to do with Substitute teachers
  • The question N'Garloth-29 was asking was an American History question instead of a chemistry question.

Shut Up! Opening

The substitute teacher is not from here. SHUT UP! Cartoons. Hahahaha!


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