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October 11, 2013 (Smosh)
October 13, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Sarah McLachlan, Miley Cyrus, supporters

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Stop Miley is a Smosh video uploaded on October 11th, 2013.


For only 5 cents a day, you can help stop Miley.


Sarah McLachlan sings a song in about donating to help Miley Cyrus (Anthony) because of her dad making her gross and so sad (expends the last word). Sarah wants to know how Miley became from something so beautiful to something uglier. She introduces herself telling people they might have noticed her from the other depressing commercials like sick dogs and poor people. She discusses what she thinks is a more important topic called Stop Miley From Twerking And Acting Like An All Around Tool Bag (SMFTAALAAATB for short).

Sarah says that Miley is out of control which an example is shown of her singing about not stopping to stick her tongue out. Sarah is also said that Miley is going from twerking to making out with inanimate objects to something no white Tennessee girl should ever do which is rapping. An example is shown of her not knowing how to rap and then say "map" all of the sudden. Sarah thinks Miley needs their help which Miley sings about that she can't and won't stop, but Sarah slaps her. Sarah thinks the people know that Miley's crying for help which Miley sings about it being part of her life and could cry whenever she wants, but Sarah slaps her again. Sarah then tells the people how they can help.

Sarah says that donating five cents a day to put real clothes on Miley. Miley didn't really her "World's Best Dad" Shirt. Sarah thought that the money could help feed ten people in Zimbabwe, but this donation was more important. She even said that she will give them a welcome gift if they donate which is a picture of Miley, twenty strands of her hair Sarah ripped out, and hand-sanitizer just in case people come in contact with Miley. As Miley licks Sarah's leg, in which she pushes her out, causing Miley to rip out her leg in the process, Sarah pleads to the viewers to help Miley, who's plagued with diseases like Tongue-stick-out-itis, Pancake Ass Syndrome, and Used-to-be-a-child-star-on-Disney-but-is-now-trying-way-too-hard-to-prove-she's-an-adult-itis.

Sarah says that the audience can see that her condition is getting worse. An example is shown of her singing a Wrecking Ball parody about being naked to get attention. Sarah shows that she is recently naked to get attention while also showing a piece of the parody. She even mentions about Miley doing a weird face which she thinks Miley thinks is attractive. She even shows a deformed version of Miley if she keeps it up for ten years. While Miley raps about doing a rap, twerks the side of a couch, and lick a power saw which Sarah refers to having sex; Sarah tells to have her stop those things.

Sarah told the audience to join the millions of people to stop Miley. Everyone told the audience to stop Miley except a brony who think Miley's hot when twerking. However, Sarah interrupted the brony and told audience while rocking Miley like a baby to support and stop Miley before she becomes a train-wreck like Amanda Bynes. Miley sang a song that she can be a train-wreck if she wants to, but Sarah dropped her to the ground. Sarah then sings the song to donate money for Miley. After the song, Sarah said to join the group now.

When the director finished the film, Sarah got a drink and Miley paid Sarah while thanking her since people are gonna tweet her for a week longer. She even says to tweet "#STOPMILEY". They even show how to type it while showing the Wrecking Ball parody.


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  • The phone number for Stop Miley has 9 numbers, but phone numbers can only have 7 digits, not including an area code or a 1-800 number.
  • The background music that plays throughout the video parodies Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel".
  • Throughout the video, Sarah's shirt keeps changing words. When played in order, it reads, "HEY IDIOT STOP READING MY SHIRT".
  • In the beginning of the video, Miley was seen licking a rubber hand that's flipping the middle finger, that prop was received on Mailtime with Smosh.
  • When the video was uploaded, Smosh commented saying "Yes, that is the real Miley in the video". And replied to a user saying "Nope, it's really Miley". Both comments are top-rated.
  • In one part of the video, Sarah mentions Miley twerking at the VMAs as a part of "STOP MILEY", which was a reason why Anthony started twerking in My Twerking Addiction. Making this the second time this was referenced.
  • The Poké-Brony (who was eating ice-cream) seen in the previous video, reappears as a part of "STOP MILEY".
  • At the end of the video, there is "#STOPMILEY" on the screen, which could be a reference of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines where there is #Thicke showed throughout some scenes of the video
  • The "Shut Up" opening is shorter than usual, lasting only three seconds instead of the usual four seconds. This is similar to the opening in We Found a Dead Guy!.
  • When the picture of young Miley appears of the screen, young Miley has blonde color hair, like in the video. But when she was young, she actually had brown hair, as seen in Party in the U.S.A
  • When Ian sung "Donate all your money" a second time, she started moaning in a similar way to the song "The Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd.

Shut Up! Opening

OMG, have you seen what Miley did today? SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Click on the subscribe button to help with the campaign to stop Miley!

It's my tongue, I can lick what I want to!



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