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June 14, 2013 (Smosh)
June 16, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Sergeant Anous, Michael, his friend

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Stop Copying Me! is a Smosh video of Ian and Anthony coincadentaly say the same things at the exact same time , uploaded on June 14, 2013.


In the living room table, Ian and Anthony ask each other what they want to do at the same time. They thought that them talking to each other at the same time was crazy and that they spend too much time together still talking at the same time. They even said, "Damn!" repeatedly at the same time. They got tired and didn't want the other one to copy himself since it was freaking them out. They both decided at the same time that the other one should stop talking and the one planning should still talk. However, they both said, "Say something." at the same time. They both got annoyed that the other one said the same words at the same time and really didn't like it. They asked themselves what is going on and decided they should say something random. They both counted and said, "Bananarama!" at the same time. They didn't like the fact that they both thought about that at the same time, even though it isn't a real word. So they both decided to not talk. 12 seconds later, they thought it would be over, but they still kept on talking at the same time and still got annoyed. They even both decided that they should text each other instead. They both texted, "Bananarama" to each other and sent it at the same time. They asked each other why they would sent it if it doesn't make sense. They tell each other to stop repeatedly. They even try to talk faster, but they both still talked at the same speed and felt annoyed. They tried screaming and woofing like a dog, but they still copied each other and thought that they can't stop even with animal noises. They tried meowing to each other, but they still failed. They had enough and stood up.

Later on, they said to each other that they're going to knock the other one down in order to stop hearing the other person. They tried punching each other, but they don't know how to punch. Anthony just stumbled, but Ian knocked himself out by hitting a wall. Anthony was finally relieved that the curse was over. All of the sudden, Anous came in thinking Anthony murdered Ian. Anthony told Anous that something weird happened because they were copying each other at the same time which was crazy, but is now over. Anthony shook Anous which made him drop his gun. Anthony and Anous decided to get the gun and bumped their heads. They apologized at the same time and realized the other is saying the same thing as the one planning to talk. They even it was happening again and they bend on their knees not liking the problem.

Michael, the narrator, stopped the video and said that the talking curse continued for years on end. He told the children to be aware of the curse with another person. Suddenly, his friend stopped by and ask what he's doing. Michael said that he was finishing up the story of the curse thinking it was phony. The friend asked if they can get some after Michael finishes which both said, "Absolutely!" They both laughed and thought the other should stop. They even said that they were serious and the other should stop and finish the narration. They said to each other to stop and decided they should finish the old fashion way, suicide by gun.


Stop Copying Me!/Script


  • This is another shorter-than-usual Smosh video, at 3 minutes 30 seconds in length.
  • This is the most 'liked' Smosh video of 2013.
  • Anthony's voice is more distinct than Ian's in this voice but not as Sergent Anous (who is also played by Ian).
  • The plot of this episode is quite random, with Ian and Anthony talking at the same time and not stopping.
  • Ian doesn't talk by himself in this video, just alongside Anthony.
  • Anthony's contact for Ian is " Ian Hecocks," while Ian's for Anthony is "Anthony Padildo."
  • If you look closely in the beginning, it looks like they haven't cleaned the house.
  • An older text on their phones shows that Ian's toilet was clogged, and asked Anthony for a plunger. Anthony suggested Ian to use his hand, but Ian already did.
  • This video was possibly recorded at the same time the Lunchtime with Smosh episode: "We're NOT Dead!". Because Ian and Anthony were wearing the same outfits and were syncronizing speech.
  • On 6/23, the link to the Bloopers & Extras video in the description was changed to "Coming Soon!", while the annotation in the video was still active.
  • The plot is similar to the Red Dwarf episode "Entangled," which involved Cat and Kryten talking at the same time.
    • Also similar to a Doctor Who episode "Midnight," which an annonamus alian was copying other peoples voices and kill them.
  • This is the first Smosh video in the year to feature Ian and Anthony as themselves (while Ian plays Sergeant Anous) without the use of extras except the Announcer (Michael), and his friend.
  • A short clip of this video can be seen in nigahiga's video "Dear Ryan - Do a Basketball Trick Shot," but with an added basketball bouncing past them.
  • On Ian and Anthony's phones, their names are misspelled as "Ian Hecocks" and "Antony Padildo".

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