Star Wars: First Assault
Star Wars First Assault
Star Wars: First Assault title logo
Game information
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts
Genre Action-Adventure (presumably)
Platforms Home consoles (presumably)
Xbox Live Arcade (reported)
Release Date Cancelled
Episodes 2 total; in S.A.G.N.U.T.
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"Yes, we have Star Wars 1313 coming up, but now something even bigger is just over the horizon. It looks like the cover art for a new Star Wars arcade game has been found called Star Wars: First Assault. [...] Now, based on the cover art, there's a stormtrooper battalion takin' on some of the Rebel Alliance. You don't understand how excited this makes me."
Jovenshire reporting on Star Wars: First Assault

Star Wars: First Assault is a cancelled Star Wars game featured in S.A.G.N.U.T. on Smosh Games.


Star Wars: First Assault is a cancelled Star Wars in development at LucasArts. Development ceased after the closure of LucasArts after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm.

Star Wars: First Assault would be multiplayer-focused. Richard Lim created concept art, which featured conflicts between Rebels and the Empire. There was a lot of speculation over various aspects of the game, ranging from gameplay to its connection to Star Wars Battlefront.



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