September 2, 2011

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Fox (Anthony), Falco (Ian), Peppy (Floyd Harden), Slippy (Ian), Wolf, Snooki

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STAR FOX TV SHOW! is a Smosh video released on September 2, 2011.
Brief Synopsis: The cast of Star Fox 64 gets their own TV show!


With over a decade without a good game (Star Fox 64), Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad are dirt poor. They are now living in the same house in a reality TV Show called Star Fox 64: Lylat Shore, to determine which of them will star in a new Star Fox game.

The team enters their house and Fox says, "All aircraft report." Falco reminds him that for the last time: they're not in space anymore. Fox sadly says he remembers. Falco explains to the audience that Fox still thinks he's their commander and "it's f*cking annoying".

Meanwhile, Slippy finds a bottle of beer and chugs it down, saying, "Party Time!" Fox explains that after the Star Fox games went downhill, Slippy wasn't the same. Slippy then gets in a drunk scuffle with the others. Slippy drinks the beer and says, "F**k those haters! I just like having a good time."

Fox explains that he sometimes acts like the only that wasn't messed up from the Star Fox years. Falco says Fox may act cool but is still mad at Wolf for stealing his girlfriend. In a flashback, Fox and Snooki (his girlfriend) are on their bed when making out when Wolf comes in and says: "Can't let you date Snooki, Star Fox!" He then takes Snooki away from him, causing Fox to yell in sadness: "SNOOKI!!!"

Now Fox, Falco, and Slippy are playing poker when Fox tells Falco he sucks at Poker. Falco says, "Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser." Suddenly, Snooki and Peppy into the house. Peppy then says to Snooki: "Looks like I'll be parking my ship in your docking bay tonight!", implying he'll do sex with her. While they laugh, Falco says: "Geez Luis!" Peppy explains now that she's easy and she's been doing sex with everyone.

A flashback shows Peppy, then Slippy having sex with Snooki, while ROB 64 saying, "Peppy's\Slippy's ship is in the docking bay. Then it shows Snooki and Falco on the bed but when Snooki tries to get to Falco, he pushes her off the bed while ROB 64 says, "Maintenance complete on Falco's ship."

Fox now yells at the couple, saying: "What the hell is that hooker is doing here?" Falco angered too tells Peppy to go, and begins a shoving war with him. Fox then says: "F*ck you Peppy!", and attempts to throw a can at Peppy, but accidentally hits Falco. Falco yells at Fox saying: "Hey Einstein I'm on your side!" Peppy then challenges Falco to a fight and begins to fight with Falco. Fox then runs into the fight too. As the three fight Snooki tries to protect Peppy, but Fox punches her in the face causing her to fall to the ground. As they fight further, Slippy runs at them to hit them, but misses due to being drunk and hits the wall. Peppy tells the audience, "The f**k was that?" The three give Slippy an ice pack while Slippy says, "Thanks Fox. I thought they had me." Fox explains that Slippy is definitely getting voted off tonight.

The producer of the show says that due to bad ratings, the show is being cut to one episode and the winner was to be announced right now. In a long scene of suspense, the announcer takes a long time to announce, until Falco says: "Will you just announce the Goddamn winner!?!" The producer says the winner is Fox. Fox cheers happily, while Falco says to the audience, "I guess I should be thankful. I don't have to be on this stupid show anymore."

Falco and Peppy leave the house, but accidentally shut the door on the drunk Slippy, causing him to hit the door and fall to the ground. The producer congratulates Fox and says he will now be the star of a game that overcomes his outstanding performance in Star Fox 64. Fox eagerly asks for the name of his new game. The producer then announces that the name of his new game is Star Fox 64 3D! Fox complains that "it's the same f*cking game!", but the producer said that his other games kind of sucked so they had no choice.

As Fox sighs, Wolf enters and says, "Can't let you win this show, Star Fox! Now prepare to die!" As the producer runs away and Wolf charges at Fox, Peppy comes back and tells Fox to do a barrel roll. As Fox wonders why, Peppy says, "Do a f**king barrel roll!" Fox then does a barrel roll, but fails, resulting in Wolf beating him up.


Star Fox TV Show!/Script




  • This video is most likely a video to celebrate the release of the Nintendo 3DS remake of Star Fox 64, Star Fox 64 3D. Strangely, the release date of Star Fox 64 3D is September 9, a Friday, so it could've been uploaded on September 9 instead of September 2.
  • An all-new Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero, was released for the Wii U approximately five years after this video.
  • Krystal, another important character of the Star Fox series, was not seen at all in this video, despite being part of the series canon. But since this video was to celebrate the release of Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of the original, this is a possible reference that Krystal did not appear until Star Fox Adventures.
    • This is evidenced even further, when in this video, Peppy isn't old like he is in the actual Star Fox canon.
  • Ian and Anthony were not seen in this video.
    • However, it is confirmed in the extras that Anthony plays Fox. Also, Ian obviously is the voice of Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and Wolf.
  • Fox is the only one dressed like his classic suit from Star Fox 64. Everyone else is dressed in a blue, red, or black shirt. All of their heads look like the character though. Wolf looks identical to his suit, but is only wearing a black shirt and pants while wearing a leather jacket.
  • Star Fox 64: Lylat Shore is a parody of Jersey Shore. It is proven as Snooki is a character.
  • In the bloopers, it is revealed that Fox was played by Anthony Padilla, and Peppy was played by Curtis Lepore (who plays Peter Peter). It is unknown who played Falco, Slippy, or Wolf, but it is implied that one is played by Ian Hecox, as all three are voiced by him. But this was not revealed in the bloopers.
    • Although Peppy is portrayed by Curtis Lepore, Ian Hecox provides his voice.
  • The bloopers also revealed that Ian was Snooki in the sex scene with Peppy and Snooki.
  • In the actual Star Fox games, their barrel roll is actually an aileron roll. A real life barrel roll is when the plane flies at the path of a helix.
  • Towards the end of the video, the show is cancelled, similar to "*NEW* Smosh Reality TV Show!", "Leave It To Bieber", and "Three Guys in a Hotel".

Subscription Ending

"Do a barrel roll and subscribe!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Whoa! This Rumble Pak makes things a lot more funner! SHUT UP!"



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