Spaghetti Sauce


April 1, 2013

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Do's & Don'ts



Characters Featured:

Mr. and Mrs. Bonjourno, Pope, Vinchenzo, ninjas, walruses, Van Damme

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Spaghetti Sauce is the nineteenth cartoon for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Do's & Don'ts.


Spaghetti Sauce

Jasper (Esteban) and Mrs. Bonjourno (Susie) start to make sauce for the pope. When Jasper asked her wife where the recipe, she left on the stove while it was on burning the recipe having them worried.

The narrator tells the two that there in quite a pickle, but the wife thought about getting pickles which she forgot making Jasper want to fight her. The narrator stopped them saying that cooking should be fun. The narrator sings that spaghetti sauce is easy and to wait to see. Jasper sings while asking his wife for tomatoes, onions, and garlic. The wife was singing while putting in oregano, basil, and salt for taste. Jasper then sings again while mixing the ingredients while telling his wife to shut up.

Surviving a Cartel Ninja Strike


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Shut Up! Opening

Wait, that's your only advice?! Oh mama mia! SHUT UP! Cartoons.


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