Smosh - Smoshtastic
Smoshtastic is the third Smosh album containing songs from Smosh videos including a Food Battle 2012 battle video for Licorice. The album was released December 3, 2012 and includes most of the songs from Smosh videos throughout their 2012 season. Much like If Music Were Real, this album was given a commercial to advertise it on the main channel. Coincidentally, this is the second Smosh album ever to be released in the month of December after Sexy Album.


  1. This Album's Smoshtastic (Intro)
  2. Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song
  3. Parents Suck!
  4. Hair Ballad
  5. BFF Song
  6. BFF Song (Reprise)
  7. PEN15 Song (Secret Club Revealed)
  8. Bot Best Friend Commercial
  9. Bot Best Friend Activated
  10. Best Food in the World 
  11. Metal Mom 
  12. Happy Elves 
  13. Evil Santa 
  14. Dubstep Collection 
  15. The Album's Done (Outro)


Anthony asks Ian if he's ready to start the album. Ian agrees but tries to make his pitch perfect. Anthony told Ian to shut up which Ian apologized. Anthony told Ian to kick the nasty beat, but Ian asks Anthony if he could kick it because he doesn't feel like doing it today. Anthony felt fine with kicking the beat. Ian and Anthony beatbox about the album saying to get ready for a treat, it's Smoshtastic and really neat, and to sit back while they get to the test of blowing the viewers' minds and moving their ass. They say that the album is crazy, funny, will be taking the people's money while they sing until the viewers' eggs get runny. Ian mentioned that they got songs about robots and dicks. Anthony also mentioned that they got songs about Santa rocking licorice whips. Ian also mentioned about metal from his mom and the song Parents Suck!. Anthony also mentioned about Emo Hair ballads and tomahawk chops. Ian even mentioned if that wasn't enough, they would hit it with cliché dubsteps. They do dubsteps themselves and then relaxed. Ian thought they sucked at making dubsteps but Anthony didn't care knowing that dubsteps are hard to make. Ian thought this was the worst intro ever.


(Ian and Anthony are still beat boxing)

Ian tells the viewers the album's done. Anthony hoped the homies had fun. Ian thought the production was lame and the songs kinda sucked. Anthony said that strangled geese getting their feathers plunked. Ian said that they'll get much better beats and rhymes. Anthony told the viewers to at least buy the album around twenty times. Ian mentioned if they can't do twenty, they could do ten. Anthony then said they could buy it four times and then do it again. Ian mentioned that no one really cares because they made the grade. Anthony said that they're too late because the viewers already bought the album. Ian tells the viewers to take it because the viewers thought they have not talent. Ian and Anthony talk normally thinking that the viewers are right knowing that they are kind of lame. Anthony thought that it is really embarrassing and Ian agreed thinking that they should get out. Anthony asked the viewers if they could stop beat boxing which the audience replied, "NO!" and made Anthony felt tortured, but kept on beat boxing saying that he hates the viewers.


The commercial was uploaded 3 weeks after the album in December 24, 2012.

Ian says that another year has passed and Smosh has made another album of not quite hits, this holiday season is going to be Smoshtastic. Ian says that this album is a complete piece of s**t with such forgettable tracks such as Parents Suck!Pen15 , and Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song. They even made the biggest Music Video of the year: Gangman Style. It was just a clip of Ian doing the Gangnam Style move in the Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song before Ian says, JUST KIDDING (JK). But they do have Metal Mom  and a bunch of other crap that you won't care at all. Ian then tells the viewrs to go run out and tell everyone you know to buy this horrible album right now, adding that he'll stay on the computer and watch  the viewer and slowly take off his clothes. Ian says that Smoshtastic is the worst album of all time and would make a really sh*tty gift. He then tells the viewers to buy it now or he'll rub a cat on his naked body. 

Smoshtastic Album Commercial

Smoshtastic Album Commercial