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If you are new to the wiki, this article talks about Smosh and the Smosh Wiki itself.


Back in 2002, Anthony Padilla was walking with one of his college friends when they were discussing a mosh pit. Anthony himself accidentally said "Smosh" pit, where he began using the funny word. He created a website called, where he would post animations that he created. He eventually got his friend, Ian Hecox, to join in. In 2005, they began posting videos onto YouTube of them lip-syning to theme songs. After awhile, they posted video shorts. After eight years, Smosh became the most popular YouTube channel with over 7,000,000 subscribers. They post videos known as Smosh Pit Weekly, posted by Mari, and Ian is Bored onto their second channel, IanH. They post gaming videos with friends Jovenshire, Sohinki and Lasercorn. They post cartoons onto their cartoon channel Shut Up! Cartoons. And they post Spanish dubbed videos onto El Smosh.

Smosh Wiki

The Smosh Wiki was created in 2009 by the founder Skeleton3. Here, this is the encyclopedia of Smosh, and whatever revolves around them, which are created into articles, if it being from videos to characters. The Smosh Wiki is maintained by the Smosh Wiki Staff.

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