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Smosh Takes Over Clevver Games is one of the first unofficial Smosh Games videos. It was posted on the Clevver Games channel (now GT Reviews) on September 26, 2012 and is a short and funny explanation of Smosh Games.


Lasercorn and Sohinki are sitting around when Ian and Anthony barge in with a knife and hammer saying they're taking over Clevver. Even though Lasercorn and Sohinki say no at first, Anthony bribes Lasercorn with a bag of fruit snacks, though the state of California states that he can't his own decisions legally. Lasercorn eats a fruit snack but there are razors in it but keeps eating them. When Sohinki still says no, Ian puts out a picture to blackmail him but it ends up being a bear on a tricycle. Ian then offers Sohinki seven dollars and he finally says yes. Sohinki, Anthony and Ian go out to get lunch while Lasercorn is on the ground dead from eating razors. The camera pans to Joven who looks at him and shakes his head and goes back to playing in his phone. Sohinki, Lasercorn and Joven then all explain that they are now part of Smosh Games but nothing will change other than the name and the channel to which they post the videos.

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