The Smosh Speedup Sweepstakes was a sweepstakes held in 2009 by Smosh and PUMA. All 3 videos were uploaded to the IanH channel on August 3rd 2009. The videos included were Cat Soup, Crybaby, and Hardcore Max 2.

Each video was sped up by PUMA, which, according to the bottom of each video, it says that PUMA merchandise is available at Finish-Line Stores.


The rules were to watch the 3 sped-up Smosh videos from previous years, and watch for little mistakes and/or changes in the video. If you found them all, to turn in your answers you would go to and submit your answers to win merchandise from the Smosh Store and merchandise from PUMA.

Cat Soup

In Cat Soup, the changes made to the video were:

  1. That Damn Neighbor outside Ian's window when Ian is telling Anthony that he looked up the 5 minute rule on wikipedia
  2. The cat in the microwave suddenly changes to Benny Jean's Flamingo.
  3. At the end, Ian is making a scary face instead of Anthony
    Cat Soup SPEEDUP

    Cat Soup SPEEDUP


In Crybaby, the changes were:

  1. In the third Anthony and Ian are on the couch, Ian dressed as a wizard (or presumably Dumbledore) pops up and goes back down
  2. When Anthony is looking through the peep-hole to see who's there, Ian is standing outside naked
  3. After Anthony says "NOOOOO" to the sky, Benny Jean is in the next scene, saying: "Someone painted my flamingo blue? NOOOOOOOOO!"
  4. We don't see the CPS guy take out his gun from the scooter
  5. The scene where the CPS guy orders Anthony to stop and fires his gun is missing
  6. We don't see the CPS run up to the fence
  7. The part where Anthony nets the CPS guy is missing
    Crybaby SPEEDUP

    Crybaby SPEEDUP

Hardcore Max 2

In Hardcore Max 2, the changes were:

  1. The first line in the beginning: "MAAAAAAAX" was changed to "MAAAAAAAACKS"
  2. In another shot, Teleporting Fat Guy is on the roof of one house
  3. When the car is falling off the cliff, Max's Car is changed to a pink Smart-Car with flowers on the side.
    Hardcore Max 2 SPEEDUP

    Hardcore Max 2 SPEEDUP