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December 12, 2008

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Two women that want to be Smosh

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Smosh Snatchers is a Smosh video uploaded on December 12, 2008. In this episode, two girls hatch a plan to impersonate and then kill Ian and Anthony and take over their lives.


(NOTE: One girl in this video is confirmed to be named Debbie, but since the other girl's name was never mentioned, she will be referred to as Macy until we get her official name)

A girl named Macy goes up to Ian and Anthony's house and rings the doorbell. She is about to tell Anthony about her services, but as soon as she realizes that Anthony answered the door, she stops talking, hyperventilates and leaves. Anthony goes back inside and tells Ian what had just happened.

Later, Macy is talking to her friend Debbie when she tells her that they should kill Ian and Anthony and take over their lives. Macy says that they're the #1 subscribed channel on YouTube, but Debbie points out that they got passed by "some whiny ass white boy and two asian kids." Macy convinces Debbie that Ian and Anthony must live like millionaires, which convinces Debbie, only for her to ask how they will look like them.

At the office of plastic surgeon Keith Klein, Macy and Debbie give Dr. Klein photos of Ian and Anthony. At first, Dr. Klein was surprised that they want to look like "these two idiots" but tells them that he'll do the job. Later, the girls walk out with bandages on their face. Macy and Debbie comment on their new bodies of Anthony and Ian respectively. At a mirror, Macy takes off her bandages to reveal that she now has Anthony's face. But when Debbie takes off hers, she ends up with Owen Wilson's face instead of Ian's. Debbie comes back out of Dr. Klein's office with Ian's face before she asks Macy what to do next. Macy tells her that while she gets the gun, Debbie investigates what Ian and Anthony do when they're not making videos. This includes what makes them laugh and what they eat. Debbie also catches Anthony having a secret obsession with the Spice Girls.

Later, Debbie told Macy about her discovery, who says it's going to be easy since she also loves the Spice Girls. When they get to the house, Macy tells Debbie that she only got one gun, so she gives Debbie a screwdriver. When Debbie asks how she's going to kill them with a screwdriver, Macy tells her that Debbie "likes to screw things," which has Debbie think that Macy called her a slut. Debbie gets angry and starts to beat up Macy. A random guy appears, commenting "That's hot."

As Debbie strangles Macy, Anthony comes out and sees the scene, thinking that Debbie is Ian. However, the real Ian comes in, confusing Anthony. Macy tells Debbie to get the gun. However, Debbie couldn't get a grip on the gun and accidentally shoots herself. Ian grabs the gun and points it at the two Anthonys. Ian's unsure about who to shoot, so Anthony tells him to listen to their voices, but Macy says that it won't prove anything. Ian then tells Anthony to say something that the real Anthony would say. Anthony says that the only guy Ian would go gay for is MacGyver, but Ian says that every guy would go gay for MacGyver before turning to Macy to do the same thing. Macy says that she loves the Spice Girls, but even though it was true that Anthony loves the Spice Girls, Macy gets shot. Anthony asks Ian how he knew, so Ian replies, "Don't you remember? We agreed that we'd never speak of our love for the Spice Girls, ever!" The two are last seen in the video enjoying Spice Girls.


  • If one looks at the plate on Dr. Klein's door, it also says, "and Calvin Klein's Cousin."
  • At the beginning of the video, the 2 girls mentioned that Smosh is the #3 most subscribed channel on YouTube, only being dominated by NigaHiga and Fred. Fred was the #1 subscribed channel at the time this video was made until August of 2009. Smosh became the most subscribed channel once more from January to August 2013 with the last time they were the third most subscribed channel being from September 2013 to June 2014.
  • The final part of the to-do list said to buy more catfood.
  • This upload is significant due to the fact that it is the first video to take place in the Smosh House rather than Ian and Anthony's childhood homes in Carmichael, CA.

Shut Up! Opening

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