Smosh Pit Weekly
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Revived series title card


Mari Takahashi (2011-15, 2017)
Shayne Topp and Damien Haas (2018)


April 23, 2011 (original run)
August 19, 2017 (revived series)


Smosh Pit


227 (original run)
21 (revived series)


Ended (Original run)
Hiatus (Revived series)

Smosh Pit Weekly ("Sumosshu Pitto uikuri スモッシュ・ピット・ウィークリー") is a show which is uploaded on Smosh Pit every Saturday.

The original Smosh Pit Weekly began airing on April 23, 2011 and ended August 22, 2015.

On July 28, 2017 it was announced that the show would be returning in a revamped form, about 23 months after it was cancelled. The new version rebooted on August 19, 2017.

Mari Takahashi was originally the host of the series, having presented since the show's original run, but she was, for unknown reasons, replaced by Shayne Topp and Damien Haas just five months into the show's revived run in January 2018.

On March 3, 2018, Shayne announced that Smosh Pit Weekly was about to go on hiatus.


Smosh opened up an audition for an upcoming new show on Smosh 2nd Channel in the Smosh is Bored (as Ian is Bored) episode "Worst Audition Ever!". Later, Smosh revealed the new host to be Mari Takahashi (first shown in the music video "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE" as the secretary at Pokemon Corp).

The series premiered April 23, 2011 with the episode We Have "Crabs", which became the most disliked video on any Smosh related channel with almost 13,000 likes.

In 2015 Jovenshire from Smosh Games hosted two episodes, "JOVEN STEALS THE SHOW!!" and "JOVEN PIT WEEKLY!!".

At the end of Smosh Pit Weekly Ian, Anthony and Mari announced a new show would premiere on Smosh 2nd Channel the following Saturday.

From April 23, 2011 to August 22, 2015, Smosh Pit Weekly ran for a total of 227 episodes within four years, four months ending with the episode HAPPY ENDINGS! (Farewell Episode).

Original Run's General Episode Structure

The episodes generally have Mari introduce herself to the viewer and then share a few of her favorite articles on the Smosh Pit. At the end, she thanks the viewer for watching and reminds them to follow her on Twitter and Facebook before saying "Matsu rai shi ne" (meaning "See you next week"). in Starting from Smells Like Miley Cyrus!, Mari has been answering questions from the viewers at the end of her videos. These questions are usually about herself or thoughts on other things. She also gives birthday shoutouts to randomly selected viewers.

Starting from Crusty Ramen Bath!, Mari asks random questions that may or (most likely) may not have any relation to any of the articles she presented. She asks them at the end or the middle of the video, usually about things they would do.


It was announced that two new shows would be added to replace Smosh Pit Weekly. The shows were Put it in My Mouth (hosted by Noah Grossman) and Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover (hosted by Olivia Sui and Courtney Miller). These shows premiered August 29 and September 5, 2015 respectively.


On July 28, 2017 in the video What's going on with Smosh?! is was announced that Smosh Pit Weekly would be returning. The video also stated it would be in a revamped form.

Revamped Series' General Episode Structure

Mari discusses things that are popular on the internet and in the world (at other times things that are completely random). Topics that are popular on the news are also brought up. Members of the Smosh Family guest star to bring up special "reports". The episodes end in the same form as the original ones with Mari saying "Matsu rai shi ne".

List of Episodes

Revamped Series


Original Run


  1. We Have "Crabs"
  2. Killer Grandma!
  3. Smells Like Miley Cyrus!
  4. Ear Boner for Lady Gaga
  5. Brazilian Pirate Booty
  6. Bieber Pan: Bed Intruder!
  7. 2 Kidneys 1 Cleavage
  8. Kung Fu Weiner
  9. Back Dat Ash Up!
  10. Bear Grylls is a Pokemon!?
  11. Nigel Thornberry Attacks!
  12. Hug Cats Like a Boss!
  13. Farewell, Harry Potter!
  14. MILF Storage & Rebecca Black!
  15. Bieber Centipede Invasion!
  16. You Have a Dirty Mind!
  17. FB Killas & Celebrity Mutants!
  18. Naughty Toys & Dubstep Ninjas!
  19. Spider-Man's a Woman!?
  20. Matthew Fox is a Crotch Puncher!
  21. Lezjuzbeefrenz!
  22. SpongeBob is a Dick!
  23. Lautner's Abs-Duction!?
  24. Borat Parkour!
  25. Epic Farting Pikachu!
  26. Dora the... Murderer!?
  27. Ninjas Attack Toronto!?
  28. Kick-Ass Plays Guitar!
  29. Pervy Mascots Everywhere!
  30. Creepy Japanese Dog Attack!
  31. Awkward Modeling Fiasco!
  32. Nail Fail!
  33. Mari Grows a Stache!?
  34. Sexy Santa & Caption Fails!
  35. Whassa Demondonkey!?
  36. Sexxy Fail Countdown
  37. Twin Butter Cat Rock!


  1. Starving Yoshi!
  2. Crazy Pokemon Killer!
  3. Crusty Ramen Bath!
  4. Can't Sleep. Clowns'll Eat Me!
  5. Y U No Like Giraffe!?
  6. Dad Goes Postal!
  7. Miso Pritty Kanye Westy!
  8. Pika...chu Are So Dead!
  9. Naughty Fus Ro Dah
  10. Epic Eyebrow Shave!
  11. Batman: You Son of a Bitch!
  12. Sexual Salad!?
  13. Rubber B4 U Rubher?
  14. Insane Sith Cat is Insane!
  15. How Hairy is Your Body?
  16. Colon Smells So Good
  17. Celery Nose Picker!
  18. Rage Face in Yo Face!
  19. Lemme Squirtle on Them Jigglypuffs!
  20. Japan's Cat Police Fail!
  21. Porn Prom!
  22. Rub Me with Sum Bacon, Yo!
  23. Obama Pop Diva
  24. Clap Dat Mohawk!
  25. Mortal Kombat Mouth Music
  26. QWOP Threesome!
  27. Naked VidCon Shenanigans!
  28. Teen vs. Fake Boobs!
  29. The Dark Pee-wee Rises!
  30. Olympic Derp Medal
  31. Mutha Truckin Power Rangers!
  32. People Fail iz teh Funneh
  33. Captain Planet: He's My Homie!
  34. Ashton Kutcher is an Asian Girl!?
  35. Y U So Pervert!?
  36. Muscles in My Eyeballs!
  37. Smells Like Ointment & Pee!
  38. Hot Foot Forest
  39. I Have a Tail Boner!
  40. Projectile Puke Party!
  41. Nerdy Swordfight
  42. Falcon Punched in teh Childhood!
  43. Killed by Kitteh!
  44. Cuddle Hookers R Us!?
  45. Halo Pop Star
  46. Ermahgerd! YerTerb!
  47. Monster Fish Swims Up a Penis!?
  48. Dat Bootie!
  49. Party Rockin' Hobbit is Drunk!
  50. Narwhals Need Hugs Too
  51. Whattup Mah Ninja!?
  52. Glitches Are Bitches!


  1. Ghetto Gollum is so Hot!
  2. Camel Tongue in Yo Mouth!
  3. Sick as a Mofo, Yo!
  4. Humping Dragon Chef!
  5. Han Shot (PSY) First!
  6. Super Mario Bustin'
  7. Insane Goat!
  8. Super Fail-Osaurus
  9. Your Brain on Drugz
  10. Sexual Soccer
  11. You Have a Dirty Mind: Part 2!
  12. Panties on Yo Face!
  13. Sad Taco Fix
  14. Surprised Patrick
  15. Twerk Dat Golden Butt!
  16. Batman: Y U No Smart?!
  17. Sailor Moon Dance Moves
  18. Pokeprom: I Choose You!
  19. Hella Avengers!
  20. Ain't Nothin' But a Fart, Hey!
  21. Best Stalker Ever!
  22. Twerk Out Wit Yo Diglett Out
  23. Super Cute Noseless People!
  24. Skipping is so Straight!
  25. Blanka Be Trollin
  26. Do You Even Smash, Bro?
  27. Let's Get Creepy!
  28. Prank Like U Mean It!
  29. The Day My Ears Died
  30. Smosh Magazine?!? Impossibru!!!
  31. Deadpool's a Trollin!
  32. Smosh Babies & Big Balls!
  33. Panda Eats Panda!?!
  34. Dragon Balling
  35. Twerk Dat Morgan Freeman!
  36. Mario Parkour
  37. Beat Box Like a Boss!
  38. Loki is on Smosh Magazine, Yo!
  39. Miley Toss: The New Olympic Sport!
  40. Spyro Burns Down Disney!
  41. This Will Break Your Brain
  42. Loki So Sexxy! Broke My Ovaries!
  43. Link is Actually Kanye West!
  44. Grambo Will Kill You
  45. Gorilla Sex...Wait, Wut?
  46. Funny Fails are Funny
  47. Happy 50th, Doctor!
  48. Twerk Yer Turkey Out!
  49. Bound... to Make Out
  50. Paul Rudd's One D-Erection
  51. Merry Xmas Butts in Yo Face!
  52. Super Naughty Lyrics


  1. Monkeys Love Boobs
  2. Beast Killer
  3. Humping Chinese Bull
  4. Censored Like a Mothafucka!
  5. Taylor Swift is a Punching Bag
  6. Flappy Bird is Minecraft
  7. Google Ruins Frozen
  8. Hiding Bodies is... Adorable?
  9. This! Is! Nipples!!!
  10. Smosh Become the Power Rangers!
  11. Dragon Ballz 4 Ur Birthday
  12. Perverted Google Search
  13. Cats Are Assholes
  14. Condom Eruption
  15. Captain America & His Mighty Abs
  16. What The Serious F, Japan?!
  17. She Got Dat Fruity Booty, Doe
  18. K-Stew Farted in Twilight!?!
  19. Let's Talk Dirty
  20. Frozen is a Horror Movie
  21. Evolution of Ian & Anthonymon
  22. Mario is a Hottie!!!
  23. Mario Kart Psychopath
  24. Why Frozen is The Lion King
  25. Bishes Better Werk, Bish
  26. Japan Mummifies Cute Girls!?!
  27. Skinny Jeans Challenge
  28. Twilight Gets Pottered
  29. Two Faced Monster
  30. Comic-Con Seduction
  31. Lets Ruin Your Chilhood
  32. Sexy Girl Voldemort Is Sexy
  33. Frozen Is Now A... P*RNO?!?
  34. Star Lord Gets (Us) Wet!!!
  35. So Much Butt
  36. Minecraft Steve Fights Super Mario!?!
  37. D!ck Bone
  38. Attack On Kawaii
  39. Pop Music From Hell
  40. Disneys Frozen 2: Poop Version!?!
  41. Sexy Shirtless Ash Ketchum
  42. B00b Twerking
  43. Which Hollywood Actor Is A Cannibal!?!
  44. Rave Ghosts
  45. Disney Gifs That Ruin Lives
  46. Japans Super Sexy Princess Peach
  47. Smosh Make-Out Sesh
  48. Frozen Meets Lord Of The Rings?!
  49. Hit Yo In The Face!
  50. Twerk So Hard
  51. Lets Ruin Your Chilhood: Part II
  52. Fan Fiction & Smosh Ships
  53. Bikini Explosion Fail
  54. 50 Shades Of Honest

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