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The Smosh Pit is a blog-like feature that is on

Smosh Pit postsEdit

Smosh Pit includes posts, such as custom Pokemon Cards, random pictures, and random types of Motivational Posters. They also include video bloopers, askcharlie bonus questions, and Ian is Bored episodes. The most commented post on Smosh Pit is called Celebrity Pokemon Cards, with over 598 comments and counting.


The first post on Smosh Pit was created on January 25, 2010 and it was called "Welcome to the Smosh Pit." The post used to introduce users to the new feature and what it's all about. The first comment was by kyle2737.

Smosh Pit WeeklyEdit

In IanH, Ian has a weekly show that is about various posts from the Smosh Pit. Most of these posts include either videos or pictures, .gifs and more. It is posted every Saturday.

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