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Smosh Magazine is a new Magazine series by Smosh. The magazine includes funny comics, behind the scenes stuff, interviews with the Smosh cast (including Mari and the 3 boys from Smosh Games), Ian and Anthony Masks, Smosh merch and news, along with other Smosh news. A new issue is released every 2 months.


Premiere Issue (August/September 2013)Edit

  • Interview with Anthony's husband
  • Ian and Anthony diapers
  • Behind the Scenes of Magic Wipes
  • Instructions and Tips on how to build your own Smosh Studio
  • Flowcharts on Star Wars and if you're being mauled by a bear
  • Upcoming video game promos with interviews from the Smosh Games guys.
  • Fan Art Pages
  • Fan Fan-Fiction Fantasy
  • How to Handle any relationship situation like a Ninja

Second Issue (September/October/November 2013)Edit



  • As of October 2014, the third issue has not been released, despite it being announced at the end of the second one.
  • The magazine can be found at stores such as CVS/Pharmacy, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, Kmart, Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. An entire app is available for $5.99 on the iTunes store, updated every issue.
  • Anthony was seen reading a copy of the first issue in a few scenes of I Have a Secret Son.
  • The second issue, which features Loki, is heavily featured in the Loki Interview Prank.
  • Photography of most of the Ian & Anthony photos along with ones of Mari and the Smosh Games guys are done by Ryan Todd who is known in Smosh for playing Stevie in We Need Friends and the Random Guy in 10 Million Subscribers! and Sleeping Pill Disaster. Other photos are either from certain websites,, or Shutterstock.

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