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Smosh Lab
Smosh Lab title card


Shayne Topp
Nick Uhas


October 5, 2016


Smosh 2nd Channel





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Smosh Lab is a show on the Smosh 2nd Channel created for Smoshtober. It premiered on October 5, 2016 with the episode Smashing Stuff with Science! and stars Shayne Topp together with Nick Uhas from Nickipedia as hosts.

In every episode, the pair of Topp and Uhas recreate different science experiments by themselves or sometimes with invited guests.

Even though it was supposedly created for Smoshtober, Shayne stated in the comments that if people like it enough it could continue afterwards.





1 Smashing Stuff with Science! (Smosh Lab) October 5, 2016
2 Exploding Pumpkin (Smosh Lab) October 19, 2016
3 Epic Foam Fountain (Smosh Lab) November 2, 2016
4 Crazy Fire Bubbles (Smosh Lab) November 16, 2016
5 Walking on Water?! (Smosh Lab) November 30, 2016
6 MYTHBUSTING GHOSTMATES (Smosh Lab) December 21, 2016
7 Creating Instant Ice! (Smosh Lab) January 4, 2017
8 Exploding Hydrogen Bombs (Smosh Lab) January 18, 2017
9 Killer Icicles (Smosh Lab - Smosh Winter Games) February 22, 2017
10 Crazy Deep Voice Gas Experiment! (Smosh Lab) March 8, 2017
11 DIY Black Snake Firework Experiment (Smosh Lab) March 22, 2017
12 Coffee Creamer Blowtorch?! (Smosh Lab) April 5, 2017
13 Exploding Jet Engine in a Jar?! (Smosh Lab) April 19, 2017
14 COOKING WITH DORITOS (Smosh Lab) May 3, 2017
15 CREATING A SOLAR DEATH RAY! (Smosh Lab) May 17, 2017

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