Smosh Introducing Stupid Mario Brothers - Richalvarez and Smosh is a video released April 4, 2008 on the channel Richalvarez. It is introducing the channel's series at the time, Stupid Mario Brothers.


Richard is holding the camera when Ian asks if Rich is ever going to pay them for the commerical they did and Anthony continues saying "yeah what the Hell man?" Richard continues with "yeah... we're doing it right now!" Ian then says "Good, cause if we don't get that money we're gonna kill you!" At the next scene Ian says "and don't forget to watch Stupid Mario Brothers!" and Anthony being weird says, "yeah that's right Mario!" and then laughs a bit. Then it pans to Anthony next to Richard (Mario) and Mario says "And don't forget to watch Stupid Mario Bros on YouTube, you can even ask Anthony here!" and Anthony says again "That's a right, Mario" and they both laugh then Mario says "okay, now get the Hell away from me!" and the video ends.

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